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Mercury Transit Libra 2017: Express Your Opinions Tactfully

Mercury Transit Libra: September 30 – October 17, 2017

From September 30 through October 17, 2017, communication planet Mercury adopts a diplomatic quality as it moves through Libra.

This three-week cycle highlights the value of teamwork and encourages professional compromise.

A collaborative approach helps you win friends and influence people, so focus on how your ideas could create success for yourself and your colleagues.

Etiquette and appropriateness count more than you may realize, so if in doubt about a work matter this week, follow protocol.

Justice and fairness are hot topics as Mercury energizes Libra. Carefully weigh your options before finalizing career choices. Equal opportunity issues may need attention, so if you feel you or a co-worker have been treated unfairly, be sure to express your opinions — tactfully, of course!

Since Libra is all about options, and loves a pros-cons list, you may find talking through ideas helps create clarity. This cycle supports brainstorming, discussions and helps you see both sides of a situation.

With Mercury in Libra, it’s less about jumping to conclusions and more about taking the time to consider all possibilities. Good judgment can take time, but the payoffs are worth it!

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