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Mercury Transit In Pisces 2018: Poetry in Motion

Mercury Transit In Pisces:  18 February – March 6, 2018

Mercury enters Pisces, the sign of poetry, mysticism, art, and magic, on February 18, 2018 — a welcome visit to a beautiful, inspiring vista.

Pisces is a Water sign, and although it’s as nebulous as the sea and foggier than the foggiest day in San Francisco, it possesses some of the deepest truths of your soul’s journey.

Pisces may not be so keen on details and facts, but it’s filled with wisdom about every past life you’ve ever experienced.

When Mercury (the planet of mental activities, including talking and writing) is in Pisces, our thinking may feel less clear, but our ideas are totally luminous and inflected by our dreams.

That’s why the next few weeks are pure magic. You can dip into the eternal, soulful wisdom of the collective unconscious now.

You’re not limited by the facts, figures and images of your own mind. Use your dreams as inspiration; it’s the very best time of year to keep a pad and pen by your bedside.

Tap into universal love and connect to everyone around you with unlimited compassion — the kind that inspires. poetry!

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