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Mercury In Virgo

Mercury in Virgo

Mercury’s influence here will vary significantly with the position of the Sun.

There are only three possibilities, Leo, Virgo or Libra.

  • Mercury here will be most objective and independent with the Sun in Libra .
  • In Virgo , Mercury serves the Solar prejudices whatever they may be.
  • If the Sun happens to be in Leo, Mercury will make a very strong and significant contribution to your overall mental ability.

In any case, your mind will be oriented toward analyzing factual information. Your Sun sign will direct the use of that analysis. Your mind will be sharp, But not necessarily free from prejudice. Your interest will largely be taken up with work and health.

Your interest in your own physical well being could be the biggest asset to this position. You will also take a very strong personal interest in your job what ever that might be. Your job will be a place where you feel very personally involved.

Here are a few keynotes of the Mercury in Virgo. This should NOT be considered an exhaustive list.

Mercury in Virgo: Bright student, devoted to his teachers, interest in medicine, healing, the learning process, logic, systems, pedagogy, grammar, libraries, technology, process-thinking – the “how” of things. Distills a subject down to its essence, making a subject easy to understand. DETOUR: stressed out with a gutful of repressed feelings, high strung, critiical of others or self.

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