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'Mom, I'm bored!' Here Are Sun Sign Tips To Keep The Kids Entertained

‘Mom, I’m Bored!’ Here Are Sun Sign Tips To Keep The Kids Entertained

Mom – I’m bored! If you are a mother of a child older than five than you have surely heard those words before. Chances are as a mother you probably wish you had time to be bored.

Below are a some ideas based on your child’s astrological sign for activities that will keep them occupied at least for a little while.

Aries: Get them involved in a sport early on. Soccer, gymnastics, kick ball league. It doesn’t matter.

Taurus: For children that are old enough caring and playing with a pet is a great idea or if that is out of the question try something like 4H or the Boy Scouts – anything where they can be out in nature.

Gemini: The Harry Potter series is a nice distraction for Gemini children or even a simple trip to the library should be enjoyable.

Cancer: Dolls are wonderful for Cancer children. If you have a little boy and don’t feel comfortable going down the doll route then you might want to try employing their help in playing chef for the day. They can help you make sandwiches for lunch and decorating the plate with chips and carrot sticks.

Leo: These children thrive in acting classes. If you can’t find one for your little one’s age group try putting on a play or performance at home so they can ham it up for a receptive audience.

Virgo: These little ones like to be engaged mentally. If they are bored they may enjoy some puzzles or memory testing games. Or if you just talk to them about what they are interested in they will likely come alive.

Libra: These little ones enjoy activities with friends. If your little one is bored see if he or she wants to have a sleep over have a friend over for dinner.

Scorpio: These children can get quite petulant if bored. Good Scorpio distractions include scavenger hunts or playing detective. If you have been missing something – put your child on the hunt.

Sagittarius: Gather up some old National Geographic magazines and have your little one make a collage of faraway places.

Capricorn: Give your little one some props like a toy cash register or a stethoscope to play “what will I be when I grow up”.

Aquarius: Aquarius children are curious about how things work. Give them an assignment to figure out how something is put together. Another option is a play group, these children enjoy being with others, so any social groups or a visit to the community center should do the trick.

Pisces: These children need to engage their imagination to get over the feeling of being bored. Fantastical coloring books or dancing are great Pisces activities.

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