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Money…What Does It Really Mean To Each Zodiac Sign

Money…What Does It Really Mean To Each Zodiac Sign?

Are you a spender, a saver or a couldnt-care-less type of person when it comes to cash? Let the cosmos fill you in on your real relationship to money!

Aries Sun Sign

ariesMoney in itself doesn’t mean a great deal to you except as a means to an end. Your adventures, fantasies and sporting inclinations have to be funded, so you scramble it together. You like winning, so having enough to flash around is also important. You can spend liberally but you’re also amazingly inventive about making more when you need to. None too practical about handling money, you need a hard-headed partner to keep you in line.

Taurus Sun Sign

taurusYour self-worth is, to a large degree, dependent on you having security from a savings account and pleasure-giving possessions around you. You could be considered a hoarder. Being the earthiest of the signs, you love to wallow in material things. Your indulgences cost money, so you always need slightly more than most. You can also get uptight if you feel others are demanding more than you want to give them.

Gemini Sun Sign

geminiSurprisingly, you care about money. You like to have your personal finances in order, otherwise you feel insecure. And you’re good with joint or business finances because youre disciplined about keeping affairs in order. Money to you is about having freedom — as well as cash to spare for books, internet connections, mobiles phones and all your favorite communication gizmos.

Cancer Sun Sign

cancerYou need security above all else, so that means a solid home base filled with nice furniture and a surplus of cash to entertain your wide circle of elegant friends. You can be an over-spender when it comes to food and gifts, so when youre broke you feel under-nourished and upset that you can’t be generous to those around you. That said, handling money with others is not easy for you.

Leo Sun Sign

leoAs the monarch of the astrological signs, you were never designed to be poor. You love to impress, so cash to flash is important for you to keep up your image and to entertain royally. You’re also home-centered, so having a lush pad where you can indulge loved ones makes you feel wonderful. Youre informed about cash, and work well in finance or banking — especially the speculative ends.

Virgo Sun Sign

virgoDespite your reputation for order and tidiness, you can be chaotic with cash. As an Earth sign, you usually come to your senses through your middle years and get better organized. You don’t like bling and flamboyance but you do like quality, so your needs around money are substantial but more modest than some. What you buy has to be of the best quality.

Libra Sun Sign

libraYour reputation for being extravagant is well earned. You like to keep up appearances, which means you need money for an extensive wardrobe, constant makeovers, spa treatments — and entertaining your wide circle of friends. Sometimes you go so far you end up in trouble. Wisdom about finances usually comes to you by your middle years, so youre likely to end up secure.

Scorpio Sun Sign

scorpioAlways secretive about your financial affairs, you’re good at accumulating money. You like to research all the best options and keep on top of detail. Money to you means feeling secure but also having power and influence. You don’t like to flash it around, but you do like to know you have enough to steer clear of dependencies on others.

Sagittarius Sun Sign

sagittariusA great believer that your guardian angel will be there for you, you’re a gambler at heart. Maybe you don’t put money on the horses, dogs or lottery, but you tend to assume your luck will fish you out of trouble. You like adventures — but you need to find a way to keep those dollars flowing in while having fun at the same time!

Capricorn Sun Sign

capricornStatus is important to you, so having a solid chunk of money is crucial for you to feel good about yourself. You never buy less than top quality, not necessarily flamboyant, but expensive and designed to last. You also like entertaining in style, maybe not too often — but with flare when you do! You also have an obsession about being secure when you retire, so definitely built yourself a nice retirement nest egg.

Aquarius Sun Sign

aquariusAquarians tend to be idealistic about finances, which means vague, impractical and sometimes over generous. Money feels a touch sordid to you since you dislike being too rooted in the earthly material world. You always feel you have higher interests. But you have a wide circle friends who need entertaining, and the older you get the more you lean on your serious Saturn qualities to feel secure.

Pisces Sun Sign

piscesSince you prefer to spend your time floating in the cosmos, money is not something you especially like thinking about. Financial paperwork drives you mad. You can be relatively lucky at making money, but you need someone else to do the housekeeping. Otherwise, chaos ensures. Money for you tends to be in one hand — and out the other.

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