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Reflections on the Monica Lewinsky Affair

Astrologically, the Monica Lewinsky affair is important, but not for the reasons the media owners would have us believe. The controversy surrounding the alleged affair represents a significant moment in the revolutionary emergence of the Goddess archetype in American culture. That is its real importance.

Monica Lewinsky Affair

Monica Lewinsky

CONSIDER: at the time the media went nuts, Saturn was transiting Aries, opposing America’s natal Saturn, and forming a T-square with America’s natal Sun/Saturn square. Simultaneously America’s progressed Midheaven was sextile natal Jupiter. Transiting Saturn was exacerbating some radical national defect, indicated by the Saturn in Libra square the Sun; negativity in public life and government. The progression of M.C. sextile Jupiter indicated that the Head of State would be preserved.

Saturn’s natal placement indicates that the U.S. has a Libra shadow. I suggest that the national defect revealed by Saturn’s pressure upon the Natal Saturn in Libra is distorted patriarchal hostility toward the feminine and Eros. Self-righteous Puritan moralizing, which seeks to demonize the feminine principle (relatedness and sexuality) and thereby control the emotional life of Americans, is an enormously useful tool of oppressive political power. Hence its enthusiastic employment by many Republicans.

CONSIDER: Ken Starr has a natal Sun/Saturn conjunction in Cancer, square Moon in Aries. His Sun/Saturn conjunction also squares Jupiter in Libra (as no birth time was available, we can only speculate as to whether that configuration forms a T-square). Note how Starr’s natal Sun/Saturn conjunction square Jupiter conjoins America’s Sun/Saturn square in the same signs. I suggest that Starr (with his vindictive Aries Moon square Sun and Saturn), personifies the hysterical anti-erotic mentality of the national square.

The real defect in Government exposed by the transit was not Clinton’s private life. It was the appalling lack of political self-confidence on the part of the Attorney General, who would permit the national embarrassment of a judicial inquiry into the private sex life of the President at the hands of a hostile political operative, rather than simply say no. Any mature adult would judge it as ludicrous to even consider criminally prosecuting a popular president for lying to cover up an extra-marital fling. But not so the excessively legalistic national psychosis of Sun square Saturn in Libra.

However the national embarrassment has served a valuable purpose – by revealing the injustice of the political attack upon Eros and forcing America to find new dimensions of itself by coming to the defense of the President in the name of people’s right to private sexual self-definition.

CONSIDER: it is characteristic of Saturn conjunct Pluto for that individual to serve as a public lightning-rod which brings into clear focus unresolved social controversies pertaining to our larger social evolution. President Clinton, being Sun in Leo, along with Saturn conjunct Pluto in Leo – sextile – a Venus, Mars, Neptune conjunction on his Libra ascendant, is an ideal lightning-rod for issues regarding Leo/Libra and sexuality. A T.V. news item revealed that one third of American women dream about having a love affair with the President. Clinton clearly has an unprecedented modern psychic relationship with the electorate. He has a “make love not war”, rock-and-roll soul, which provokes Republicans into vicious hysteria. The public defense of Clinton concerning his right to define his own sexuality is a culturally necessary self-affirmation, a continuation of the struggles unleashed during the 1960’s, on the part of his own Pluto in Leo (summer of love) generation. Not withstanding any substantively irrelevant considerations as to whether he lied about his private life, that collective affirmation usefully serves the healing intention of the returning Goddess.

About the author:

Graeme Jones has been a political /Jungian astrologer for the past 20 years.

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