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Aries Monthly Horoscope

Greetings Aries and Aries rising, this is the Aries horoscope for august 2016!

Mercury is the planet of communications and gathering information. It points to what is on our mind, what is grabbing our attention. And as we go into August Mercury is entering into Virgo. On the 13th it’s going to retrograde in her go until September 22nd and then it will continue moving forwards in Virgo into the first week of October. So, in virgo it’s putting Mercury in your six house sector. Your attention is going to be on work and health.Mercury wants to gather information, wants to learn, is very favorable for learning new job skills, taking getting more job training, applying for jobs but it’s also where you’re going to be really paying attention to detail with health. You may be wanting to learn a new exercise program, learning how to eat, better learning about nutrition and you might be busy going to doctors appointments.

But there’s some very favorable energy with this Mercury as this month it’s aligning with pleasure seeking Venus and optimistic expensive Jupiter. With Mercury with Venus arm our mind our thoughts are going to also be on relationships, finding harmony and compromise. Being in the six house sector in the august horoscope for aries and Aries rising, this is good for camaraderie and good relationships at the job. And it’s also good for interviewing for a job because you’re really expressing yourself in a very likeable way and the Jupiter is bringing in this opportunities and generosities. You might even be traveling for work because Mercury is always restless and interested in travel and Jupiter is the major traveling planet.

The New moon, on august 2nd, is in Leo. So, for the first three weeks the Sun is pulling your attention also to fifth house matters. Then, the last week, the Sun moves into Virgo and you know awakening even more of these issues of the six house.

The fifth house that the Sun will be radiating in is the sector of recreational activities, vacations parties, romance. It is august and for most of the world above the northern equator it’s the summertime and it’s even I know in places in Europe they take the entire month off of august to vacation and so that can certainly be a more fun pleasurable time.
Your mind is still going to be on work and getting the job done but with Venus and Jupiter you’re not resisting it, you’re enjoying it and you’ve been optimistic because of many opportunities.

Mars is reentering Sagittarius on august the second until the end of september. And Mars will be in sagittarius, moving through your nine house. and that can trigger a lot of passion towards education, traveling or marketing. But the Mars is going to be in tension with the Mercury, so what will happen is either you are your mind is being really revved up. You’re making quick sharp decisions or at times you may be a bit too impulsive or irritable. But i’ll talk about the important dates in a few minutes.

Now, before I talk about how this is affecting love and business and health is I like to do every month, I just want to remind you again that these are horoscope forecasts are general for every aries and every Aries rising person. And these general trends really do resonate to some degree a lot. But if you’re going to an individual crisis and if you need some specific answers to your questions I invite you to check a personal reading because it would be based on your birth information.

When it comes to love, Venus is the indicator for relationships and being in virgo…well, there might be some office romance, making new friendships, but your focus is going to be a bit more on the job and then socializing. But with Jupiter and Mercury there, you’re enjoying yourself. However, don’t forget that new moon on august, the 2nd putting a real spotlight for those next three weeks is in your fifth house of romance.

So, I think it’s a nice balance between your overall… you’re enjoying your work, you’re getting it done but you’re also maybe go on vacation, go away for the weekends, you know, attending some sports events, entertainment events with that sudden transiting Leo. In business, of course having all those planets Mercury, Venus, Jupiter in six house, it’s a very busy, stimulating, work cycle.

And now all those planets are in tension with Mars and Saturn. The Saturn, when it’s positive, we’ll keep you focused and disciplined and the Mars, you can put your nose to the grindstone, as they say, and get a lot accomplished. But there will be a couple of hiccups along the way which I’ll talk about later.

And with that New Moon putting that focus in leo, in the fifth house, your attention might even be on risk-taking, gambling investing. Very favorable for any kind of business endeavors dealing with entertainment, even sports, and certainly children projects.

When it comes to health, of course the six house is also about body maintenance but you’re feeling good about it. So the health is going to be good and you might be really much more motivated and to self-improvement with better diet. But learning exercise and so forth.

Ok Aries and Aries rising, let’s look at some important gates for august.

August, the 2nd is that New Moon in Leo, putting a real spotlight and pulling your attention strongly to fifth house matters of having fine, enjoying yourself, going on an adventure, taking some risks. Especially on the second, after Mars is re-entering sagittarius, stimulating more travel but also for promoting and marketing, and getting your business out there to the world.

On august 2nd, Mercury is going to be in a challenging aspect with Saturn that either there might be a day of some frustrations, but it’s also when you’re having to make some really critical decisions or you’re just really focus on getting a lot of work done.

On the 7th, Mercury is opposite Neptune and that can bring in a certain amount of confusion, disappointments. Not a good day to be making any kind of important decisions.

On the thirteen, The Venus is squaring Saturn. Now this could be all work and no play, but it can also indicate that there might be some cold worker, some problems, some distance. But it’s also the day that Saturn goes direct and if saturn at 90 degrees of sagittarius is affecting your chart you’re certainly going to be feeling a shift. Where the energy is going to start opening up primarily around career matters.

Venus on the 14th, is going to be opposite Neptune. Good for creative work, very good for helping those who are sick, who are in need, for charity compassion volunteer work. But for your own job, there might be some confusions and uncertainties.

On the 16th, the Sun is great with Uranus, you’re so ready to break out of the work routine, you have some fun, kind of get out of that old wreck and try new things.

On the 18th is the Full moon in Aquarius. So, for those couple of days a lot of thing, a lot of emotions are coming to a head. The 11 house can deal with friendships, so with that new moon prior in the fifth house of recreational activities, this might be a time that you’re going to a lot of events, hanging out with friends. Also, in business, it can be dealing with your goals and aspirations.

And all that could be coming into focus on the 22nd. Mercury is aligned with Jupiter and you might be making some travel plans. You’re certainly feeling really optimistic, you might be getting some good news at the job.

Mars, on the 24th, is going to align with Saturn in the night…overall, you have to check your individual chart but that might not be the best day to travel, there could just be delays. You know…you get to the airport and your flight is canceled…but it is good for staying really focused and could be very productive with marketing and advertising or studying.

On the twenty-fifth of August, Mars is on a difficult angle to Neptune – that could even be the jet lag from the exhausting traveling from the day before. But it can also be a time of whatever you are trying to promote or market you just feeling uncertain and for a couple would not be favorable for trying to do any kind of marketing advertising, etc.

But on the 27th, Venus is aligned with Jupiter, great day for a party. This is certainly with Venus in the six house. You could be getting a job, might be a party at the job, there might be some real support and generosity from a coworker.

On august the 30th, Mercury turns retrograde in the six house, until September, the 22nd. So, this is a time when you’re going to be like revising, rethinking, re-editing, everything that you set into motion in work, in health issues from the beginning of august. You are kind of like fine-tuning it through into September and then you’ll be back on track, moving forwards again, and being more focused and discipline with your job and with your health.

Dear Aries, the Aries August 2016 horoscope shows that this could be a great month if you just stay focused and disciplined. So much can be accomplished…so, all the best and happy august!

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