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Moon In Aquarius

The Moon in Aquarius

This is a tricky combination of shy, detached emotionalism. You find that your roots are closely tied to the roots of humanity, for various reasons, probably going back to the way you were raised.

You feel a need to project an aura of humility while you also feel that you have abilities that are far more profound than you feel free to discuss. This gives you the ability to deal with all levels of humanity with a measure of interest and stewardship.

You somehow feel that your own humanity is linked to those far below you on the ladder of competence. You have a detached concern for these people which also prevents you from becoming overly emotionally involved even with those you feel are more closely identified with you.

Mental abilities and qualifications assume a paramount importance in your evaluation of all individuals. Mentally inadequate people are to be taken care of but not necessarily respected or looked up to regardless of other social qualifications they may have for demanding prestige. You hate to see mentally incompetent people in charge of anything. This is likely to amount to the equivalent of a mental caste system, as far as you are concerned.

In some cases, this position of the Moon may result in rather spectacular intuitive abilities blending the psychic with the mental.

Here are a few keynotes of the Moon in Aquarius. This should NOT be considered an exhaustive list.

Moon in Aquarius: NEEDED FOR EMOTIONAL SECURITY: encouragement to pursue multicultural, scientific, metaphysical, artistic, and futuristic interests. Permission to be a unique individual, even with unusual interests. Highly intuitive and inventive. Needs space to go alone when under stress. DETOUR: may not communicate with others when stressed and needing to go alone, instead looks aloof, cuts others off emotionally. Needs to stay in communication about his life process – that he needs to be alone but has not forgotten others and their curiosity to know what’s going on with him, and will come out when he is ready – and try to keep them apprised.

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