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Moon in 8th House

☽ Moon in the Eighth House

Rules – Cancer
Detriment – Capricorn
Exaltation – Taurus
Fall – Scorpio
Keyword – emotions

Moon in 8th House Meaning – Your Emotional Security is Focused on Intimacy

Since the eighth house is naturally ruled by Pluto and a keyword for Pluto is intensity, if we find the Moon in the 8th house and relate it to the emotions, we might expect to find this person to have rather intense emotional reactions. The eighth is a natural water house. The Moon rules the water sign of Cancer, and since water is related to intuition, we may also find this person to have a good degree of psychic sensitivity.

Moon in the 8th House: Positive Traits

A 8th house Moon indicates that these people have a need to understand the cycles of life and the metaphysical nature of the world. What happens after death? What energies are at play in human relationships? and Why do certain events seem to be synchronised? These are all questions which could be food for thought. They’re sensitive to the emotional undercurrents in many situations and want to explore this further, even if this means exploring the world of occultism.

It’s also possible that they suffered through the death of a loved one, possibly even the early death of their mother. Their experience opened many doors of enquiry, which can’t be closed. They’ve the ability to develop their interest in the occult world and to use their discoveries for practical results in their own and other people’s lives. Although financial gain can’t make up for the traumas that they suffered earlier in life, they’re likely to benefit through inheritances, particularly from their mother’s side of the family. This, of course, depends on other influences in their birth chart.

This water sign house is generally very compatible with the Moon, resulting in deep and well-developed emotional psychic energy. The personal nature of the emotions and the nurturing tendency symbolized by the Moon normally fit well in the private and intimate environment symbolized by the Eighth House. As a result, your emotional capacity is likely to blossom. You may not display your emotions as readily as others, but they tend to be deeply held and passionate.

It is generally those with whom they are closest that see their emotional side. In fact, they may even deem it somewhat inappropriate to be publicly emotional, reserving their emotional energy for more intimate occasions. Although they may tend to hold back their emotions, if they are provoked, these emotions may rush out, sometimes overwhelming their recipient.

A 8th house Moon indicates that they are likely to have great capacity for caring about and nurturing those with whom they are close. In return, they may expect reciprocity, particularly in terms of emotional commitment. If their emotional intimacy is not requited, the “thin line between love and hate” may be quickly crossed.

They are likely to be most comfortable in intimate and private situations. In fact, they may only be comfortable in private or when they feel that they can maintain secrecy. More often, they are capable of a broad range of emotional responses and levels of intimacy and may be comfortable in nurturing or emotion-laden situations which others may feel are too intimate or threaten their personal space. Those with the Moon in the Eighth House may be more comfortable with death and real sexual intimacy than others would. (Gargatholil)

The eighth house is related to the unconscious and the Lesser Luminary shares this relationship through the element of water by symbolizing unconscious habitual reaction patterns stemming from childhood. Since the Moon also represents the mother and the eighth represents unconscious material stemming from childhood, we might expect to find parental issues playing an important role in eighth-house Moon matters, particularly where the mother is concerned. This need not be negative, although eighth-house issues often are, but rather may give us clues as to how these reaction patterns might more easily be resolved.

Sex and death are eighth-house issues, and with the Moon taken to represent childhood we may find that these issues may have had a powerful impact on the Eighth house Moon person in childhood. This could also mean that those with the Moon in the Eighth House might seek security (Moon) in sex (eighth). If this remains unconscious, it could lead to a whole host of troubles for the individual, least of which could be disillusionment.

On the lighter side, we may find the individual with the Moon in the 8th house very adaptive (Moon) to the needs of their partner sexually and emotionally. Also, their psychic attunement could help them to forecast coming business trends to profitable conclusion. They may also be able to nurture (Moon) others struggling with problems of self-worth which are attributable to troubles from the unconscious that may stem from childhood, symbolic of the eighth house.

Moon in the Eighth House: Negative Traits

If those with the Moon in the Eighth House are inwardly insecure, will fear the unknown and its power. They will fear becoming absorbed and annihilated by the unknown. Therefore, they protect themselves from it by submitting, unthinkingly, to conditioning and taboo. Despite their defense mechanisms, they are still likely to have an intense emotional reaction when confronted by death, power or sexuality, particularly when these experiences occur outside of the realm permitted by society’s taboos. They may react obsessively or neurotically, you may become emotionally protective and defensive or they may emotionally overcompensate. They may also try to use emotion as a tool or weapon to control and gain power over the situation.

With the Moon in the 8th house these people are likely to have been conditioned by early experiences that have made a deep subconscious impression on them. These experiences are not necessarily traumatic, but may be so. Such experiences may include, but are not limited to, death and sexual encounter. They may also have been influenced and conditioned by someone who has dealt with them at an emotionally intense level.

Sometimes, their conditioning may be so innate as to be present in their subconscious without any apparent outside stimuli. They may find that it is difficult to identify and rise above their conditioning because it is so ingrained in their subconscious. However, getting in touch with their subconscious and their deep emotions can assist in this process. (Gargatholil)

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