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Moon in 11th House

☽ Moon in Eleventh House

Rules – Cancer
Detriment – Capricorn
Exaltation – Taurus
Fall – Scorpio
Keyword – emotions

Moon in 11th House Meaning – The Emotional Security is Focused on Social Responsibility

With the Moon in the eleventh house, we might find a person that seeks emotional security in friendships or group associations. Women friends are usually more numerous or may hold greater influence where eleventh-house matters are concerned. Some of these individuals may make their home (Moon) available for group meetings or functions. The group they include themselves with may be in some way oriented toward family or domestic interests or possibly real estate.

Moon in the 11th House: Positive Traits

A 11th house Moon indicates that friends and acquaintances are a major feature of their life, influencing them both positively and negatively. On the one hand your friends can be unreliable and changeable failing to live up to their ideals of true friendship. It may be that their friends change within themselves and move on emotionally, or simply that they move out of town and lose contact. Either way they suffer because they feel a sense of loss when separated from their friends.

Those with the Moon in the Eleventh House seek a sense of security from their relationships with other people, only feeling safe when surrounded by warm and loving friends. This is particularly true of their women friends and groups of women, which are likely to feature prominently. Sudden changes in friendships can be disappointing. On a more positive note they can benefit from their large circle of acquaintances who help them emotionally and financially to achieve their own hopes and wishes. They enjoy popularity in groups, particularly when they feel a sense of belonging. They may find themselves drawn towards humanitarian groups.

The Eleventh House placement of the Moon affords them a social avenue through which they can constructively channel their emotional needs and drives. It also suggests that they are likely to be a warm, caring person (conditioned, of course by the Moons sign), at home in a group situation and committed to social justice. They may find themselves in the role of “group mother” (or “father”), providing the care-giving energy that keeps a group cohesive and committed to each other. Their own identification with a group is likely to be high, especially if their connection to the group is based on family, ethnic or historical ties.

If they become active in social causes, they are likely to pour emotional energy into their efforts and feel personally committed to the cause. The primary danger of such intense and emotional group involvement is that they may not have the emotional energy left to share with their own family or to provide themselves with emotional “down time.”

Generally, those with the Moon in the Eleventh House  are most comfortable in a group situation or when they are feeling that are a part of a larger social dynamic. It is only when the emotional/nurturing element becomes dysfunctional or when stress is experienced due to the conflict between personal and social obligations that they would feel ill at ease in a group. They also are likely to feel good when they can feel that they are contributing to society or working for the benefit of others. Their attraction to and comfort with groups may predispose them to join and work for various causes. (Gargatholil)

The eleventh house is connected to friendship, and the Moon represents domesticity, so the individual with the Moon in the 11th house may adopt their friends as family. When we take this inclination farther, we find the eleventh house representative of the group consciousness or the collective. This may manifest as a person that pursues social reform for all of humanity. This would reflect the maternal nurturing symbolic of the Moon and could also indicate a person that has a strong emotional commitment to these issues they wish to see changed for what they perceive to be the good of all concerned.

Moon in the Eleventh House: Negative Traits

The people with the Moon in 11th house should choose their friends and associates with care as the Moon can be quite impressionable. This could have adverse consequences if this person should be too dependent on the approval of others. On the plus side, this position usually confers an ease and adaptability to group settings and varied interests. The changeability of this planet could also make for a person that moves from group to group as their moods change or to belonging to many groups simultaneously. Sign placements and aspects will give further indications in this regard.

If this position is afflicted, there could be the possibility of the native living out conflicts with the mother in eleventh-house matters. This could, however, merely be that the native has a maternal gift with friends or could find a “second mother” in one of their female friends.

Those with the Moon in the 11th House may experience some conflict between their private and extroverted sides. Conflict would occur when they are thrust out into group or social situations but would rather remain alone or with family or more intimate friends. Under such circumstances, they could feel threatened and vulnerable or feel shy and retiring. If, however, they embrace the opportunities suggested by the Eleventh House, they may find that their avenues for emotional expression and fulfillment are greatly enhanced.

If they are inwardly insecure, they will be so bonded and attached to their identification with their group, that they lose their own sense of personal identity. In essence, they merge their identity into the group identity so that the group consciousness becomes their own subconscious, in a sense. Their attachment to the group results in their own attitudes and behavior being conditioned by the group. Their  behavior is very vulnerable to domination by peer pressure, for they cannot see themselves going against the group or leaving it. The group has become their family. They will do anything to remain a part of the group and retain the group’s approval. (Gargatholil)

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