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Moon In Aries

With the Moon in Aries, you may often take the initiative in your close relationships with others. You are naturally adventurous where all emotional issues are concerned and you do not hesitate to show your feelings. Because you are courageous, open and direct, with a gift for breaking down other people’s inhibitions and defences, you are rarely at a loss for friends or lovers.

This is a fiery and quite masculine position for the gentle, passive Moon and you love to be spontaneous and break new ground. One to one relationships can make you feel penned in and claustrophobic, and, if needs be, you will stand alone, as you value both your freedom and your independence highly. For you, security takes second place to emotional experiences that really make you feel alive and you are always on the look out for them.

A woman with the Moon in Aries is naturally in tune with men who share her imaginative and pioneering fire sign orientation and who have similar priorities, emotions and desires to hers. These men may have the Sun in Leo, Sagittarius or Aries, or may just exhibit all the fire sign traits, as they have other planets in these signs. They are adventurous, hot-headed and romantic, but, as opposites attract, a woman with the Moon here is often drawn to Libra types, as Libra is Aries’s opposing sign. Charming, diplomatic and easy to get on with, they understand the art of give and know how to please you. This can be a perfect match, as the Libra type’s ability to fit in with others and pour oil on troubled waters is the perfect balance to your pioneering, headstrong spirit. In turn, the Moon in Aries brings excitement, spontaneity and fire into Libra’s cultured, diplomatic world.

A man’s Moon sign is one of the two most important indicators of the kind of women with whom he feels in tune. With the Moon in Aries, he will be attracted to strong, independent women with an Aries Sun or Moon, or who show strong Aries traits. However, he may well be less consciously aware of this side of his nature than a woman with the Moon here, as he ‘finds’ his Moon, his feminine and hidden side, in the Aries women he is drawn to.

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