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Moon-Pluto – Healing the Past through Forgiveness

Often our physical ailments are connected to the past and more specifically past grievances. Many people suffer with some physically related symptom of holding anger: sore shoulders, headaches, irritability or worse. I frequently speak to my client with a Moon/Pluto aspect about the need for forgiveness as a way to not only break with the past but also to release unpleasant physical symptoms.

Teaching people to forgive can be a life’s work. Many people cling to resentments to give them purpose, to feed a victim mentality or for a sense of identity.

What is Forgiveness?

Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you agree with what happened. It means that you have an understanding of the situation that caused your hurt or anger, and you can let it go. Forgiveness is about taking back your power.

By and large, people behave in the only ways they know how. Sometimes our greatest teachers come in the form of someone who challenges us the most. They have been sent by the universe to teach us a valuable, though painful, lesson through their behavior. We need to understand, honor and forgive them for the role they have agreed to play in this lifetime.

Forgiveness must be true. It must come from the inside. The forgiveness must be so profound that the situation which caused your hurt truly doesn’t matter. You let go of the hurt. Yes, just like that, it goes. And forgiveness and understanding takes its place.

When it’s truly gone, you’ll know. You’ll feel lighter, more at peace. Carrying anger and resentment with you is like carrying a sack of coal. It’s dark and heavy and it weighs you down.

Tips for Forgiving

  • List three people you have not forgiven and what you have not forgiven them for. For each person and event, perform the following steps:
  • Close your eyes and picture the situation that caused the need for forgiveness. Picture yourself rising above it and seeing it from a new angle. From today’s point of view.
  • Acknowledge your part in the situation. If you are a child at the time, note that, and allow that although you felt the pain, the person giving the pain probably was behaving the only way they knew how. Bring understanding to the situation. Comfort that child in your mind. And recognize that you are not the powerless child anymore and you can make choices. Adult choices, on how to feel and how to behave.
  • Bring closure to the situation by first forgiving yourself, then the other person. Acknowledge that life has moved forward since the time of that event and you wish to let go of any anger or resentment.

The Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a powerful force that can liberate you. It brings a fresh start. Give yourself a gift. Forgive someone today.

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