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Moon – Products and Employee Relations

The next step is to look at the Moon in either a company or individual chart. First let’s look at the symbolism and the archetypal energy of the Moon. The Moon is unique. Always changing its shape, the Moon shifts from one constellation to the next every couple of days creating coastal and emotional tides.

The Moon, like the other planets, has no light of its own and, therefore, reflects the light of the Sun, which in business or vocational charts represents the leaders of the company. The Moon represents the “Cosmic Mother” in myth, the mother that nurtures as well as devours. All ancient Goddess statues represent primal women as full and round in shape like the Moon. And like the female cycle and form, the energy of the Moon ebbs and flows. Life begins, waxes and wanes.


The Moon in a personal chart represents the containers of the body, the breasts, the stomach, and the womb – the containers. That is exactly what it represents in Business Astrology, too! Containers have many forms. There are the containers that enclose the family, the house, therefore, the housing industry. There are containers that enclose food, which represent the food business or restaurant business.

In traditional astrology, the Moon represents the tribe, the family. In business, it represents the public and its response (don’t we all respond to the Moon)? Therefore, the Moon in business represents the public’s image of the products of a company. It appears prominently in any individual or company dealing with family products and services. Many people who have prominent placements of the Moon or, the sign of Cancer, which it rules or the sign of Virgo, which is its esoteric ruler, find themselves drawn towards these areas.

The Moon can represent the females in the company. Some people think that the Moon in a company horoscope represents the employees, particularly any employee that assists in the “birthing” process of the company’s products. Using this theory, the employees will “reflect” the energy of the Sun or the leaders as mentioned earlier.


Mythologically, the “Cosmic Mother” collaborates with images of certain Goddesses as Kwan Yin and Black Madonna. Kwan Yin is the ancient Chinese Goddess of nurturing. Black Madonna is an ancient Christian image, which incorporated the earthiness of pagan Goddesses with the Christian ideal of service and selflessness. The expression of these Goddesses through a business or vocational chart suggests an ability to take care of the public through its products or through its service and suggests that it takes care of its employees. A strong placement of the Moon in a company chart suggests a company that has a great deal of holdings in cash, stocks, or investments and implies a know-how on how to get things done, addressing the correct details, implementing new techniques as well as methods. Some people would look to Mercury for this ability and Mercury is examined for this purpose, too. However, because I also look at the Moon and how it rules Virgo in the esoteric school, I have found that the Moon can play a large part in details and systems.

Original company charts such as Hershey Foods, incorporated October 24, 1927, in Dover, Delaware, have their Moon in the sign that rules its product. For example, in the original incorporation chart of Hershey Foods, the Moon is in Libra, which is ruled by Venus, which rules sugar and chocolate. In the original incorporation chart of Kellogg’s Foods, incorporated on December 11, 1922, in Dover, Delaware, the Moon is in the sign of Virgo, which is one of the signs that rules grains. Kellogg’s main product, when it started, was Corn Flakes. The Moon in a horoscope is very strong, yet subtle. For example, when you walk into a traditional Eastern Orthodox Church, you are struck by the huge byzantine domes, particularly of the main dome, which is often painted with Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. On her lap is placed the Holy Child. The image is striking in that the larger of these two is always Mary, the Mother or the Moon.

A similar mythological figure is the Roman Goddess Ceres or Demeter, as she is known in Greek myth, the Goddess of fruitfulness and bounty. It is beautiful Demeter who feeds the earth and produces the food and flowers. Because of the loss of her beloved daughter, Persephone, she goes into deep mourning. Her deep loss translates into famine and starvation for the world. The people of the earth beg Zeus to return Demeter’s beloved daughter to her so that they do not starve. He pleads with Pluto, his brother, who is the God of power and the underworld and Pluto agrees to allow Persephone to return only half of each year to her mother, because she has already eaten from the pomegranate, the fruit of the underworld. This action claims her as Pluto’s, at least for part of the time. The other half of the year she returns to her mother. This story is also the basis for the story of the seasons. When Persephone remains with her Lord, Pluto, her mother, Demeter or Ceres, is in mourning and she stops producing fruit and flowers and we have fall and winter. However, when she returns for the other half of the year, Demeter rejoices and brings back the fruit and the flowers and we have spring and summer.

The above mythological characters have as their base, the Moon, the symbol in your horoscope that represents your early childhood experience, your family, and your tribe. Extrapolating the association into business is not that big a leap. The key is to translate these meanings into contemporary terms. Thusly, the idea of businesses that deal with food and food supplies, restaurants and restaurant supplies, food brokers, larger grocery store chains, which are contemporary expressions of ancient myths.

The movie business is associated with the Moon, as is Neptune, which is discussed later in this chapter. Since the Moon has no light of its own, it reflects the light around its environment and this, in a way, is how we experience movies. People see movies in different ways. It all depends on what “filters” you use. When you go to a movie, you are in a certain mood. The word “mood” comes from the Moon. Fittingly, as the Moon changes shape and signs, you shift to different moods. A movie can change your mood, too. The environment of the movie changes your emotional response.

Since the Moon is known for its changeability, then a highly placed Moon in an individual’s chart may indicate emotional changeability, as does a highly placed Moon in a company’s chart. This could indicate that the company may shift from one idea to the next. If properly channeled by doing demographic studies for marketing their products, then this can imply a great deal of success. However, if there is no plan, no structure in which the water can flow, then it can imply that the company’s focus may tend to be off. Highly placed Moons in company charts may also indicate a strong feminine influence or feminine energy in the company and may, as a result of this highly measured percentage, have those industries ruled by the Moon as primary markets for income.

Brain Teaser

Look at the Moon in your chart. Is it angular? Is housing and food an important part of your life? Do you find yourself care taking people inappropriately? Does your company’s Moon have strength? Does it listen to the public’s input as to which direction to take?

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Georgia Stathis, professional astrologer from Pleasant Hill, CA, works with individuals in helping them draw out these aspects of the self so that a more fertile field of possibility in relationship emerges. She is author of Starcycles calendars and appointment books. She has an M.B.A. degree, and her latest book is Business Astrology 101. She lectures widely on such topics as mythology, relationships, and the correlations of planetary cycles with history and future possibilities.

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