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Moon in 2nd House

☽ Moon in the Second House

Rules – Cancer
Detriment – Capricorn
Exaltation – Taurus
Fall – Scorpio
Keyword – emotions

Moon in 2nd House Meaning – Your Emotional Security is Focused on Values and Resources

When the Moon is posited in the second house, it is said to be indicative of fluctuations in the person’s financial resources periodically throughout the person’s life. This mirrors the changing nature of this planet, theoretically, and will be mitigated by the sign it is placed in as well as aspects to it.

Moon in the 2nd House: Positive Traits

A second-house Moon creates a strong instinct for acquiring money and property. For less highly evolved souls, this might mean acquisition by illegal or immoral means. On a higher level, there may be an appearance of disinterested love or affection that somehow results in the fortuitous acquisition of wealth or property. The most highly-evolved souls will cheerfully acknowledge their love of beautiful, valuable things and an interest in acquiring the means to obtain them. Along with the acceptance of this acquisitiveness as a natural desire goes a willingness to use property for the benefit of others and the desire to take good care of it.

There is a quality of reserve or silence to a 2nd house Moon. Still waters run deep. The Moon here absorbs impressions but does not easily find ways to give them outward expression. This is a good placement for artists and writers who will use their craft to translate their impressions into effective ideas and images. Generally well-spoken in any given situation, people with this Moon will usually not be the first to speak, nor will they speak often, or long. They delight in plain, straight-forward speech, direct and to the point. Sometimes they are masters of the witty aside. Garrulousness with this position is an indication of serious sexual frustration.

Sexual fulfillment is extremely important to those with the Moon in the Second House. They are generally powerfully attracted to potential sexual partners. If, for some reason, this attraction does not bring them a fulfilling relationship, it will cause a variety of mental and emotional problems. Both sexes seem to radiate sexual energy. They are very aware of sexuality in others from an early age. The Moon’s sign and the Moon’s aspects from other planets will show whether this is a positive and healthy development, or if it leads to repression and a fear or hatred of sex on the one hand, or to a cynical exploitation of it on the other. In our sexually confused society, children with this location need a lot of healthy physical love in babyhood to avoid the pitfalls that a second house Moon can bring to those without a strong early foundation.

Men with Moon in the second house will be attracted to sexual partners by their sexuality, by their possessions, or by both. If the Moon is in a fixed sign, they will be too possessive of partners. Some men deal with the sexual pressures of this position by turning to prostitutes.

Some women with  the Moon in the 2nd house are so afraid of sex that they hide behind ugly clothes, unbecoming hair styles, and off-putting facial expressions. Others revel in it and have no qualms about taking anyone who pleases them to bed, maintaining all the while a virginal faïade and a total and lifelong silence on the subject, even to best friends (whose partners may number among their conquests). Then there are others who advertise their sexuality through tempting clothing and attitudes, whose only real pleasure is the material gain they receive from their lovers. Conversely, some may be the prey of such persons. (Stephanie Camilleri)

The emotions and the “inner-child” are associated with this planet as well. This could mean that a persons emotional well-being and emotional fluctuations will be mirrored by the person’s finances. This is particularly true here because of the association with security ascribed to the second house. Therefore, financial and emotional security may go hand-in-hand for a second-house Moon. The Lesser Luminary is associated with “Cancer the Crab” and may be just as tenacious when holding onto their assets.

With the Moon in the 2nd house, the psychological evaluation of self-worth is linked with the ability to emotionally respond to needs. If they protect yourself (and others) in a sensitive way, they’ll feel good about theirself. However, even in the best living, the Moon is connected to the ebb and flow of the temperament. There will be fluctuations, mood shifts from good to bad feeling, and back again. These are cyclic and should be understood as temporary. Flow through the changes. Also, when personal needs for comfort or security go unfulfilled, good feelings invariably decay. The challenge is to provide theirself with what they need, not as others define it, but as they feel it.

The experience of ‘mine’ is tied to personal security more strongly for those with Moon in the Second House than with any other planet in this house. There is an attitude of sentimentality attached to possessions; and the older they are, the more attachment is likely to be felt. On the other hand, the sense of ‘mine’ tends to wax and wane – when needs are strong or go unmet, possessiveness is heightened; when needs are fulfilled, however, the grip of ownership fades quickly. Thus, possessions tend to come and go with momentary tides of feeling. Don’t get stuck demanding a particular type of possession; try one thing, and if it’s unsatisfying, move to another form. The pitfall is conscious possessiveness, while the challenge is to recognize ownership as a tangible way of grounding the emotions.

What you value is likely to play a major role in your emotional development. If you value material objects solely, then your emotional development will focus on your reaction to your material circumstances and, secondarily, on how others affect those circumstances. If you view your emotional capacity as a resource, you are likely to place a lot of energy into the developing that resource.
The value that you place on your emotions is likely to result in you cultivating your emotional health. If your values are more abstract, or if you are searching for what you value in life, your emotions may play a role in enabling that search. As your search for ultimate value progresses, you grow in emotional complexity and richness and you become more aware of what is of real value in the world. (Gargatholil)

Adaptability is associated to the changing quality of the Moon, and the association of water through the sign of Cancer can bestow an intuitive quality for the people with the Moon in 2nd house. These traits may be quite beneficial with a second-house placement. For instance, these intuitive qualities may give this person insight into what the public may want to buy in the future and therefore be among the first to offer it.

For a second-house Moon placement, it would be beneficial to remember that the Moon affects the tides. These tides might be financial as well as emotional. We should, however, remember that we are not our possessions and the amount of money we have in the bank is not an indication of our worth as human beings. Remembering this should give us some fortitude through tough times. These tough times, however, may be little more than our perceptions at the moment due to a mood swing. For instance, is the glass half-empty or half-full or merely a half-glass of water?

With the Moon in the 2nd house their finances are closely tied to their work, and they’re likely to benefit from a job that is connected with either water, or with the public at large rather than one where they’re little contact with other people or contact with only a few people.

They may also work in a profession that caters for people’s needs such as the hospitality industry or child care. Their personal finances may also receive a boost through a prominent woman in their life, perhaps their mother . This can be financial help, joint investments or inheritances.

A 2nd house Moon may also favor food service, domestic services and nurturing, such as child care. The Lesser Luminary has also been associated with careers in writing, but other creative endeavors may be possible sources of income as well. Whatever the case, the people with the Moon in the Second House will usually want to keep a nest-egg in reserve for times when finances are tight. This will act as an aid to their emotional security.

Moon in the Second House: Negative Traits

A 2nd house Moon indicates that these people seek emotional security through accruing possessions, although this can be frustrating at times because their personal fortunes have a tendency to fluctuate during their life. Consequently, they face periods of economic insecurity when their fortunes suddenly change. Fortunately they’ve the inner resources to adapt to these changes in income and usually they gain rather than lose money. However, they need to be wary of other aspects in their birth chart which could indicate failing fortunes.

Money is a primary source of security, an issue of regular daily concern. To feel comfortable, those with Moon in the 2nd House need to know that they have enough. The pitfall is a feeling of constant ‘hunger’ no matter how much money is stockpiled. Fortunes tend to fluctuate, and their anxiety level mirrors the monetary ups and downs. Don’t just sit around and worry – you’ll make yourself crazy. Channel your concern into pragmatic, disciplined efforts to acquire the wealth you need. The challenge is to protect your personal security by conservation of your finances. Save, but do not scrimp; and when you spend, get your money’s worth in full emotional satisfaction. (Bill Herbst)

If you are inwardly insecure, you will be extremely attached to your possessions, fearing their loss and feeling that you could not live without them. Your emotional state is effectively determined by what you feel you have. You derive your sense of security from retaining what you have. This leaves you vulnerable for riding an emotional roller-coaster if your material fortunes are threatened or unstable. Your responses and behavior are totally conditioned to react to your material circumstances and, in this sense, you are a totally determined and dependent being. (Gargatholil)

If there are stressful aspects to the Moon, there may be long bouts of poverty, particularly in childhood or youth. This can result in intensified efforts to acquire money and property later. It can also result in a painful awareness of the inherent injustice of a social structure that allows the rich to get richer while the poor get poorer, and an interest in the reform of property laws.

Home is seen as a castle protecting them from the storms of life. Sitting there, surrounded by family, material possessions, and comfort, they feel a sense of solidity, emotional security, and well-being. If anything threatens this, those with the Moon in the Second House feel extremely vulnerable, as their center of identity has been displaced into the external world. Their feelings have been projected onto family and possessions, and they become the center of their life, the heart on which everything depends. Losing a favored life possession becomes emotionally damaging, reminding them that life cannot be controlled and that instability lurks around every corner, pointing out the impossibility of erecting inviolable barriers. If this need for emotional security is allowed to become too powerful, it can become claustrophobic and suffocating to loved ones, and can leave them too vulnerable to the independent actions and choices of others. (Haydn Paul)

Avoid making comparisons with other people’s success and what they have gained thereby. This will result only in much innter tension as you try to match their accomplishments. You have to live up to your own potentials and capitalize on your resources to achieve financial security. You are attracted to people who seem in complete control of their desinties; but you can do just as well if you focus on exploiting your own talents. Don’t be afraid to take measured risks on occasion, if only to reassure yourself that sometimes that pays dividends. Although you prefer friends who don’t make demands, by being an isolationist you are likely to miss many opportunities. (Robert Pelletier)

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