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Moon in 7th House

☽ Moon in the Seventh House

Rules – Cancer
Detriment – Capricorn
Exaltation – Taurus
Fall – Scorpio
Keyword – emotions

Moon in 7th House Meaning – Your Emotional Security is Focused on Relationships

With the Moon in the seventh house, we find an indication of powerful emotional involvement where relationships are concerned. These people may feel a deep need to be involved in a committed relationship in order to feel secure and their emotional well-being may be dependent upon how successful they are at establishing and maintaining relationships. Aspects to this placement and planetary house ruler(s) should be considered in order to find out what degree of difficulty the person will encounter in the pursuit of such relationship.

Moon in the 7th House: Positive Traits

 You feel those emotions that are symbolized by the Moon mostly through your relationships. You may bounce your emotions off your partner and discover your own emotional world by seeing it reflected in others. Your relationships become the venue for developing your emotional life. You generally are quite sensitive to the emotional states of others and you easily respond to emotional stimuli. This may result in an enhanced capacity for emotional bounding or you may psychically invite emotional dumping by others. There is a danger that your emotional life and development will be dominated by others. (Gargatholil)

A 7th house Moon indicates that your primary relationship plays a key role in their life, dominating their moods and actions. It’s likely that they marry at a young age, but if not they put a lot of time and energy into searching for the right person to share their life. The life of the single person isn’t an easy one for these people and they can be quite restless in their endeavours to find a partner. If  they’re married then they’re sensitive to the feelings of their partner and keen to put them at their ease.

In the 7th House the Moon gives a hunger for response. The life may seem to be fated, or strongly marked by destiny. People with the Moon here, opposite the Ascendant and square the Midheaven, often seem to struggle all their lives against a tide of circumstance that forces them into the same kind of situation over and over. This is wearying, but develops emotional strength. Others do not struggle against the tide of destiny, but learn to flow with it. They may avoid much suffering in this way, but also may not develop as much emotionally and spiritually.

People with this Moon in the Seventh house are very aware of and sensitive to public opinion. They often wish they could change themselves and be more what others seem to want them to be. Sometimes it works the other way, and they become very defensive of their individuality. They have a strong feeling for the needs and desires of the public and, given other factors, can achieve success as a public figure or a performer. Even if they do no rise to a level where they can address the public and manipulate them, they may have a sense of public destiny, an inner call to serve the public in some way. Usually they develop a strong personal style in response to the sensation of being the focus of public attention. Where other chart factors show a public career, this position gives a big push towards success. These people feel married to the public, and often have a hard time with personal relationships as their true partner is their audience or constituency.

With the Moon in the seventh house in Capricorn, there may be a Peter Pan complex – a rejection of the ugliness and phoniness of adult behavior, a clinging to the purity and values of childhood. These people often become teachers or counselors of children, or work with them or for them in some way. It takes them much longer to grow up than others, and they shouldn’t marry young. Sometimes they never marry.

A seventh-house Moon gives a special emphasis to the relationship with the mother. In some cases, she is gone early in life (dies or deserts), so that they spend the rest of their lives seeking a substitute. Or she may acquire too much control over their lives, in some cases becoming their only true partner. Other factors will tell which variation is more likely (absence of death of the father, for example).

The people with the Moon in 7th house are not usually successful in attempts to choose a mate; usually they are chosen by others. There can be many strange and fateful circumstances surrounding their mating. If they feel they are being forced to marry against their will or have doubts about the marriage, they should certainly wait until they feel more positive because it is probable that marriage won’t be good for them under the circumstances. (Stephanie Camilleri)

Their commitments are not mental experiences, but reasonable, well-thought-out decisions. This is not to say that those with the Moon in the Seventh House misunderstand commitment or enter into relationships out of faulty motives, rather, it indicates that the natural reasons for commitment are emotional, based on deep feeling. Commitments change over time as their needs for security, certainty, and support grow toward maturity. If their needs are not being met, then by all means change their commitments by altering their level or their form; but remember also that a promise is not something to be taken lightly.

A 7th house Moon indicates that their natural partner is a very emotional person, perhaps even moody. He or she gladly responds to their true needs, and expects they to do the same, but does not prey upon them by fostering dependency in either direction. Their mate willingly shows you his or her innermost softness, even if it is shown to no-one else. The relationship reveals something universal about emotion. Though they must guard against the tendency to become overly dependent upon the partnership for safety and support, the relationship teaches them a great deal about the validity of those needs, and the importance of creating a vehicle for their fulfillment. The image is a clear stream, surrounded by woods of lush, dense foliage. (Bill Herbst)

Since the Moon is symbolic of the mother, people with a seventh-house Moon placement are often viewed as seeking a mother or parental figure for a marriage partner. This may be true to an extent, and the native should be made aware of this, as if they are not, it is quite possible that issues with regard to the parents may resurface in a marriage/partnership. If the native is aware of this, however, they can question themselves about what is the attraction in regard to a particular person. Actually, this is good advice for any seventh-house Moon placement as here we may find ourselves searching for someone to live out certain characteristics for us, which we would be better off trying to consciously develop and live out for ourselves.

Whether or nor parental issues enter into the realm of relationships, it will be almost a certainty that the people with the Moon in the Seventh House will want the security found in a home or family as domesticity falls under the realm of this planet. On the plus side, these individuals are usually noted for their ability to adapt to a partner’s needs and in this way be very giving people. A word of caution, however, might be that they should be careful not to lose their individuality in the process of trying to meet the needs of their partner. We all have the right to expect our needs to be met as well. This is the give and take involved in relationships and the seventh house as well.

In ancient times the Moon was considered to be in a strong position when placed in the seventh house of a chart, meaning that they’re in a strong position to achieve their personal ambitions.

Moon in the Seventh House: Negative Traits

If you do not have a well defined sense of your own self, you will be unduly subject to the influences of others. The Moon symbolizes an open window into the world of the subconscious. When that window is placed in the Seventh House, it allows all sorts of influences to enter your subconscious and to become implanted there to condition your behavior. You may feel that your own emotions lack validity. This results in you being ruled by the emotions of others. You respond to others without discrimination and, thus, become vulnerable to their exploitation. (Gargatholil)

In the 7th house, the Moon reveals that relationships are the vehicle to awareness of their needs. They are not an end in themselves, but the means. If they succumb to the pitfall of believing that others are the actual source of their fulfillment, then they remain a child, seeking out only partners who reflect the real or idealized qualities of their mother. Their challenge is to let the awareness that comes through relatedness awaken sensitivity to their needs, so they can then fulfill them for themselves. Whenever you lose touch, move back into relatedness for more stimulation. Alone and together ebb and flow. Discover what you need with us, through us, then take care of yourself. (Bill Herbst)

Those with the Moon in the 7th House may be over-sensitive or over-adaptive to the needs of the partner, deriving their identity too much from what the other person wants them to be. Marriage may be sought for the security it offers and the promise of a cosy home and family which provide the person with a sense of belonging. The Moon is not that concerned about being a separate individual. Getting married is what most people do – so why shouldn’t they follow suit? Hard aspects to the Moon from Saturn or the outer planets may render the fulfilment of these basic desires most difficult: while the Moon in the 7th is definitely inclined towards relationship, other parts of the self may not be so co-operative.

The partnership itself may need the kind of nurturing and caring that a small baby would be given. The fluctuating nature of the Moon could manifest in a number of ways. Those with the placement of the Moon in 7th house might experience many moods and changes of feelings in connection to the relationship. In some cases, the Moon in the 7th house describes a restless, unstable or emotionally idiosyncratic partner. As with any planet in the 7th, the person is advised to reflect on why he or she has attracted those particular qualities in another person. What is the other person ‘living out’ for him or her? (Howard Sasportas)

Those with the Moon in the Seventh House are likely to either adapt their behaviour to please their partner, or to rebel against his or her influence. The influence is the same in that his or her behaviour is dictating their mood swings. The problem is that they can allow their primary relationship to be too dominating, sacrificing their own needs and desires to the other person. At worse, their partner is fickle and not worth the effort that you’re expending. This is an extreme representation of the astrological influences. It’s also likely that their partner is simply changeable and of an unsettled nature, seeking change and stimulation through travel and work. Therefore they simply need to reassess their priorities and to work towards a balance between loving compromise and self-assertion.

You need to look clearly at your deeper needs. Just what do you want in a partner? Do you even recognize what your needs actually are? What is essential for you to receive from another in order for you to feel nurtured? What can you offer to a partner; and is that what he or she needs?

Are you looking for a surrogate mother or father figure, capable of protecting your hidden child-nature and making all the important choices for you? Do you adjust your will, emotions, feelings, and desires in order to accommodate those of a partner? Is your identity dependent on a partner, or can you stand alone? Is your focus on satisfying your partner, even at the expense of your own needs?

You will be highly sensitive to others and, if unprotected, this could diminish your emotional stability. As you are liable to experience emotional fluctuation anyway – through moodiness, inconsistent feelings, and restless impulses – additional external influences can only exacerbate this tendency. Yet you will continue to look for emotional sustenance through relationships, as you believe a search is necessary to discover a suitable partner. Resolving your dependency need and learning to respect your needs as equally important in a balanced relationship may prove to be a key for future success.  (Haydn Paul)

This position of the Moon in the chart isn’t favourable for legal conflicts. Therefore those with the Moon in the Seventh House should be wary of entering into any legal battles, because they could find on the losing side.

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