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Moon Sign Food Profiles

Moon Sign Food Profiles

In this era, which is so obsessed with both food and fitness, so many of us struggle mightily with ambivalence about our bodies and our weight, especially women. We so often succumb to the myriad of delicious temptations around us — then beat up on ourselves for doing so. The resulting cycle can be both emotionally and physically stressful, but Astrology can give you fresh tips and insights to help break that cycle.

In the birth chart, the Moon and its aspects reveal a great deal about your personal patterns with food and weight — information that can help you get a better handle on the issue. For each of the twelve Moon signs, we will explore common eating patterns: what you’re really eating about, what Mom taught you that may be affecting how you eat, and, if you need to cut back, what else would prove satisfying.

If you already have your chart, you can identify your Moon sign. Click on the link below to find out what that sign reveals about this area of life so crucial to health and well being. (If you find that you are not typical of your sign, the answer may lie in the Moon’s aspects. If so, read the explanation below.)


If these patterns don’t seem to match your own, it may be because of major aspects (angles) between your Moon and other planets. Check the chart to see which planets aspect your Moon. The angles most likely to have an impact on your eating patterns are the conjunction (when the Moon stands next to another planet), the square (three signs or 90 degrees part), and opposition (six signs or 180 degrees apart). The trine (120 degrees or four signs) is a more favorable angle, so some of the more positive effects may hold true.

Some examples will help you understand which additional readings to consult. If Saturn was conjunct, square, or opposite your Moon, you may be more like Moon in Capricorn, so read the description of Capricorn Moon’s food patterns and see if you identify with them. If Uranus aspected your Moon at birth, that could make you a bit like Moon in Aquarius. If Neptune touched upon your Moon, you may be more like Moon in Pisces. If Pluto was forming an important angle to your Moon, you may relate more to the description of Moon in Scorpio. Another planet which may impact eating patterns is Mars, which would lend a flavor of the sign Aries. In a given birth chart, the Moon may have several aspects, thus there may be several influences other than the Moon’s sign to take into account in gaining a full picture.

DISCLAIMER: This material is meant for educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose or treat specific difficulties or needs in the area of nutrition, digestion, or health. For any severe or persistent difficulties or to remedy an eating disorder, consult a qualified health care professional.

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