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Moon in 6th House

☽ Moon in the Sixth House

Rules – Cancer
Detriment – Capricorn
Exaltation – Taurus
Fall – Scorpio
Keyword – emotions

Moon in 6th House Meaning – Your Emotional Security is Focused on Work

When the Moon is posited in the Sixth House, it will exert its influence on health and work and service to others.

You are likely to be most comfortable at work and/or when helping others. You are also likely to be comfortable engaging in self-improvement and even receiving criticism, unless your emotionality has become too reactive. You may find that you are comfortable working to care for others, particularly regarding health matters. You may also find that you are more comfortable in positions of subordination, where you can influence things “on the ground”, rather than in more exposed positions of leadership. (Gargatholil)

Moon in the 6th House: Positive Traits

A 6th house Moon indicates that health – intellectual, emotional or the physical component – is a major focus of these people life. Other components of your birth chart may indicate whether intellectual, emotional and/or physical health is the focus. Whatever the focus, their own health can be a constant source of pre-occupation forcing them to constantly adjust their daily commitments and to reassess their priorities in life.

Sometimes it’s other people’s health that concerns them, particularly a woman close to their heart. It’s possible that they suffered from ill health early in their life, or that they suffered emotional or intellectual setbacks in early childhood. Perhaps they’re still bearing the brunt of childhood experiences.

It’s also possible that they’ve learnt a great deal about the relationship between the mind and the body. Those with Moon in the Sixth House may want to share their own discoveries about medical treatments and the healing process with other people, possibly through their work. Their health may disrupt their daily routine, or perhaps they’ve learnt to adapt their lifestyle. Either way their daily life is constantly undergoing change, routines being disrupted by unforeseen circumstances. Finding a way to serve their fellow humans may be more important, more so than shining in their own right. Therefore they’re likely to choose an occupation whereby they can be of service to other people.

On the plus side, a person with a sixth-house Moon can be keenly in tune with their body if they learn how to listen to it. The Moon rules Cancer, a water sign, and can give a good deal of intuition. If a sixth-house Moon has a backache every time a certain person comes to visit, for instance, it should be an indication to deal with the problem in a more forthright manner.

Where work is concerned, these people with the Moon in the 6th house might have their productivity strongly affected by their moods. They would probably do best when working with others rather than alone. Unemployment for these individuals may be terribly stressful, as they may need steady employment in order to feel secure. Due to the changeable nature of this planet, however, they may change jobs rather frequently or employment conditions might not be stable.

With the Moon in the 6th house there is an immense hunger for significance, for worthwhile work and service. There is a great capacity for hard work; but unless other aspects show it, these people are not often self-starters. They usually need someone to work for, someone they respect. They have a strong desire for accomplishment, but by someone else’s lights, at least in youth. Unless other natal chart factors indicate the contrary, they may lack the self-confidence to work on their own, setting their own standards. There is a great desire for an ideal boss, one who will set standards and limits, who appreciates hard work and rewards results. Unfortunately, this is an ideal that is not often found, which causes them a great deal of tension that can result in disorders of the stomach or the glands.

Often the people with the Moon in the Sixth House are not paid what they are worth. There is a selfless aspect here, a desire to work for the love of it, purely for the results and not the personal gain. Either that, or the effort of asking for raises in salary brings up issues of self-worth that they find painful to deal with. Therefore, they often wind up working for non-profit organizations, volunteering in charity organizations, or even going into religious orders; sometimes because they believe in the work, and sometimes because this way they can avoid issues of self-worth (and possibly both). (Stephanie Camilleri)

There is a need to feel emotionally engaged in work. Usually a job which involves interaction with other people is better than working in too isolated a situation. Sometimes they find themselves entangled in the personal life of co-workers or servants. Those with the Moon in the 6th are adept at fulfilling the practical and emotional needs of others, and are well suited to any employment in which they can play ‘Mother’. (Howard Sasportas)

They are said to be often found in professions related to the Moon such as food service or real estate. In order to express maternal/nurturing qualities, those with Moon in the Sixth House might also work in the health care profession or with children; expressing their sixth-house Moon’s mothering instincts in this manner. This is also another position of the Moon that could indicate employment as a writer or in other creative fields.

If the Moon is close to the seventh house cusp, or if it is trine the ascendant, the people with the Moon in 6th House will be more aware of public needs and will be more likely to rise to a position of importance.

Moon in the Sixth House: Negative Traits

As they get older, the work stresses can lead to one of two things. One one hand, those with Moon in the Sixth House may finally realize that no boss will ever fulfill the ideal they have been seeking, and that if they are to function as effectively as they wish they must figure out some way to be their own boss and serve humanity in their own way, a process that may involve a good deal of emotional suffering and painful self-understanding. On the other hand, if they continue to work for someone else, they will probably stop looking for perfection sooner of later, and come funally to view their co-workers like family, forgiving them their faults and working to bring about a happy family atmosphere at work, socializing outside work with colleagues, and organizing office birthday parties and company picnics. (Stephanie Camilleri)

If you are inwardly insecure, your drive for emotional perfection may overwhelm you. You may be convinced of your own worthlessness and lack of lovableness. You constantly seek emotional comfort and attachment, but you fear rejection and criticism and, therefore, you coldly pull away from emotional commitment. You cannot get in harmony with your emotions, but instead you try to control them and “perfect” them. The result is that you place yourself under severe emotional stress and strain and this leads to neurosis.
You are likely to be emotionally anxious, overly protective and controlling of others, and generally fearful. You know that you have not been able to attain self-perfection and, so, you fluster your way through life, “sticking your nose” into everything and “acting like a mother hen.” In this way, your hope is that no one sees your own imperfections. (Gargatholil)

Where health is concerned, due to this planet’s relationship to the mother, hereditary factors should be given attention where illness/disease is concerned. Any conditions connected to the maternal bloodline might indicate a similar predisposition in the native. The Lesser Luminary is also connected to emotions, and a 6th house Moon could indicates a person that is particularly vulnerable to illness when emotionally upset. This will probably be noticeable in most people, but with a Moon sixth-house placement it is usually even more apparent. For instance, a heavily afflicted Moon here is said to predispose some to being hypochondriacs. This, of course, is rather severe but it should give an idea of just how predisposed a Moon sixth-house placement might be to illness when the emotions come into play.

Physical health and their ability to function and cope with everyday contingencies will vary according to moods. Aspects to the Moon in the 6th house reveal how successfully a person can contain the kinds of anxieties that crop up from day to day. A trine from Saturn could indicate, for instance, that the physical vessel is a hardy container, remaining steadfast in situations to which others might overreact. A square to Mars, though, suggests that the person ‘acts out’ every little anxiety – the body just cannot contain or support the stress that quietly. There may be a connection between how the mother coped with daily tensions and the way in which this person does the same. Those kinds of illnesses which can be inherited or which ‘run in the family’ should be noted, and preventative measures are worth taking.

Your emotional health is often a concern for you. In fact, if negative emotional tendencies are allowed to develop and persist, you are likely to suffer from emotional nervousness or a scattering type of neurosis. You may also be vulnerable to emotional obsessive-compulsive disorders, particularly if you are in the habit of fixating emotionally on minute details. If you are emotionally healthy, however, you can develop a capacity for nurturing and caring for others, assisting them toward greater health and well-being. If you are involved in serving others, however, you must be careful to take care of yourself, particularly with regard to stress and emotionally. (Gargatholil)

Those with the Moon in the Sixth House should be careful about diet – eating problems or overindulgence in alcohol could arise at the onset of emotional difficulties. The body has an instinctual wisdom of its own which they can learn to respect and recpgnize without too much effort. If they take the time to notice what their bodies register when they walk into a room or meet someone for the first time, they will realize just how much can be intuited through bodily sensations.

Unresolved mother issues may be projected onto the dog or cat. More seriously, a pet to love and care for and who is there when they come home could contribute to both psychological and physical health. (Howard Sasportas)

All unequal relationships reflect the basic mother / child scenario. When those with the Moon in the Sixth House perceive themselves in an inferior posture, they amplify what they felt as a small child. If they were frightened, they could be terrified. If they were resistant, they could be defiant. If they were angry, they could be rageful. When in the superior position, they tend to parody your mother. If she was supportive, they’ll tend toward caretaking. If she was overly protective, they may be smothering. If she had difficulty providing emotional support, they might refuse to give any, abandoning those around them when they’re needy. The pitfall for those with the Moon in the 6th House is remaining stuck in these memories forever, while the challenge is to grow through them. Become a mature adult by learning to recognize their inner child; and then invite that child to come home to them.

A 6th house Moon indicates that their entire system is sensitive to regularity. Once they form habits in their daily routine, they become part of the hierarchy of needs, and any disruption in the pattern has immediate emotional effects. Any time they need good feelings, it’s helpful to immerse themselves in the measured pace of real work, the rhythm of a task with a definite goal. The pitfall involves imprisonment into random or self-defeating habits, while the challenge is to provide themselves with a steady flow of positive, productive routines. (Bill Herbst)

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