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Moon in 10th House

☽ Moon in the Tenth House

Rules – Cancer
Detriment – Capricorn
Exaltation – Taurus
Fall – Scorpio
Keyword – emotions

Moon in 10th House Meaning – Your Emotional Security is Focused on Career

In the Tenth House the Moon gives a hunger for success, prestige, and renown. People with the Moon at the top of the chart often have most success working with or for women. A woman – whether their mother or someone else – may influence their choice of a career and help them get started.

Moon in the Tenth House indicates that you have a strong drive to succeed and also indicates the importance of a career in your life. The Moon’s placement in the Tenth House suggests a number of strengths. It may be easy for you to develop habits that lead to success and accomplishment. Accomplishment and goal-orientedness tend to be second nature to you. You may seem naturally capable of intense focus and a drive to accomplish tasks. Your ambition is likely to be generated from a deep place, responding to subconscious motivation and colored by emotional attachment. This often results in a determination to succeed. (Gargatholil)

Moon in the 10th House: Positive Traits

When we find the Moon posited in the tenth house, we may take this to mean that the mother is represented by the tenth house. This is probably the case, in all likelihood, but we should keep in mind that there is the possibility that the tenth house may, in fact, represent the father and the native found the father to be the more nurturing (Moon) parent. This is just one more example of why we should not isolate a single factor in a chart. Always consider the entire natal chart and check with the person by asking questions.

With the Moon in the tenth house, we often find an individual that finds emotional security (Moon) through their status and reputation in the public eye. This is probably why some of these people pursue politics as a profession and may do rather well in this public arena if the aspects to this planet are favorable. One problem with this placement might be an acute sensitivity to any slurs or slander concerning the native’s reputation.

A 10th house Moon indicates that these people are ambitious and enjoy their job, spending much time in the workplace, working odd hours to make sure that you get ahead in their career. They have a need to be publicly recognised for their achievements, and this need may or may not be satisfied during their lifetime. It’s likely that they succeed in their chosen profession at some stage during their life, but whether or not this success is enduring depends on other sections of their birth chart. It’s true to say that their professional life undergoes several changes during the course of their life, with rises to fame and popularity, and possible falls from grace. They are also likely to move into a completely different field of work at least once in their lifetime. They seek stimulation through their work, particularly enjoying travelling to foreign countries for business purposes.

The career or profession may reflect mothering qualities: serving and catering to other people’s needs, feeding them, housing them, nursing them, etc. Career issues will elicit and expose their feelings and emotions. Bosses or authority figures may be the target for unresolved problems with the mother or parents in general. (Howard Sasportas)

With the Moon in the 10th house their relationship with women, in particular your mother, may also play a prominent role in their career. They have a powerful relationship with their mother and her influence on their chosen career path may be subtle or obvious.

As mentioned earlier, there is the likelihood that the mother was the more influential parent in the native’s development. When we look at the tenth house in this light, we may find a person who is driven to achieve prominence in the public eye in order to win Mother’s approval/love. This may very well be on an unconscious level, but be extraordinarily powerful nonetheless. As children, we are dependent upon the approval of our mothers to keep us alive. The psychic power of this issue may manifest as a person that is driven to achieve almost as if their very survival was dependent on it. This need not be anything quite so drastic; however, it might merely mean that the native chose a profession that the mother pursued or would have liked to if she had given herself the opportunity to do so.

Either way, with this placement in the tenth house, the family and females in general will probably be influential where the career is concerned. Another possibility could be that this individual might express their nurturing (Moon) qualities through their profession such as a caregiver. This planet also influences food services, hotels, writing/creativity, and may give insight into what the public wants.

Women with the Moon in the 10th house rarely remain financially dependent on their husbands. Usually they start early to earn their own living, and even with children, generally keep on working, often managing a full-time career. They are usually good at organizing and managing others, especially other women. Often, they marry men who depend on them, at least the first time, as it is a pleasure, at first, to be looked up to as the organizer and protector. Later, they usually want to escape from such a relationship; not to one where they are dependent on a man, but to a wider sphere for their managerial talents. They don’t relish dependency, and have little respect for those who do. With the Moon in a Water sign, they may understand tmoeional dependency – but they will still want out.

Men with the Moon in the tenth house often marry women with more drive and ambition for them than they have for themselves. Often, they will go into business as a team, with her providing the ideas and drive. In any case, she generally ‘wears the pants’. Such men often have strong-minded and ambitious mothers as well. It is usually best for men with this lunar position to wait until their careers are established before they marry. This way, they will meet their mates working in their own career field, and the working relationship will be the foundation of their emotional lives. Whatever their relationships with women, they will find it hard to keep them priate. Somehow the spotlight always finds them. (Stephanie Camilleri)

In ancient times the Moon was considered to be in a strong position when placed in the angular tenth house of a chart, meaning that those with the Moon in the Tenth House are in a strong position to achieve their ambitions.

Moon in the Tenth House: Negative Traits

As children, our well-being depends on our mother loving us. Those with the Moon in the 10th house project the ‘mother’ onto the world: their safety and security needs are linked to issues of profession and status. They are extremely sensitive about their reputations, standing before the public, and what people think about them in general. No matter how mature and self-sufficient they appear, inside is a little boy or girl looking up to the mother / world and asking to be loved. Squares and oppositions to the Moon in the 10th house denote other parts of the person which frustrate or do not necessarily gel with what winning that approval requires. (Howard Sasportas)

A 10th house Moon indicates that maternal energy is quite powerful in their personality, although they may not always recognize it in operation, since it’s so natural for them to express. Taking care of others is a deep imprint, a responsibility they took on early, usually in reaction to their mother. In moderation, she may have been a constant presence, an unflagging model of dignified, receptive strength. In the extremes, she might have been strong and overly protective, or she could have been missing, weak, or inadequate to their needs. In any condition, those with the Moon in the Tenth House  learned that it was their job to take care of others. Their protection is not limited to those in their personal life; it goes much further. It is a need to be responsive to the troubles of the world. They draw out the child within everyone, and this can be heartwarming or tragic, depending on how they do it. Their challenge is to be responsive and nurturing in ways that foster strength, and to do so spontaneously without conscious effort.

With the Moon in the 10th house these people believe that the correct role of authority is to protect, to make secure, and to provide strength in emergencies. Their own need to be in an authoritative position is strong, but not totally conscious. In fact, they may experience conflict when they have to make a conscious choice about authority or power, since they are more comfortable just responding instinctively to what they see as others’ needs. (Bill Herbst)

If you are inwardly insecure, you may feel so driven to succeed, particularly due to the conditioning and expectations that you received as a child, that you feel that you can never live up to these expectations or be successful enough. As a result, you are never content and you are constantly under self-produced stress generated by worry and anxiety over whether you will achieve success and meet your goals.
You are likely to experience stress especially at the emotional level. Stomach problems or other problems with your digestive system may result from too much stress. You seem to have no time for family or for experiencing the world emotionally, except as stress. You may also experience guilt and conflict as a result of your neglecting family due to your involvement with your career.
You may try to suppress these emotions of guilt. However, this often results in all of your emotions being suppressed. You may, therefore, appear cold and only concerned with your career and ambitions. Your inner conflict between career and family responsibilities, however, is likely to reduce your effectiveness in pursuing your goals. (Gargatholil)

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