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Moon in12th House

☽ Moon in the Twelfth House

Rules – Cancer
Detriment – Capricorn
Exaltation – Taurus
Fall – Scorpio
Keyword – emotions

Moon in 12th House Meaning – Your Emotional Security is Focused on Self-Transcendence

With the Moon posited in the twelfth house, we may find an individual that has difficulty expressing their emotions. This could in turn be expressed as shyness or introversion, leaving this person feeling lonely on a very deep level. If there is an indication of emotional problems, this probably stems from early childhood family conditions and the relationship with the mother (Moon) is obviously suspect.

The Moon’s placement in the Twelfth House indicates that you are drawn out from your emotional involvement at the personal level toward a more universal experience of emotion and caring. You are called upon to rise above your own concerns and welfare and to lose yourself for the sake of others. This naturally brings to the fore the nurturing and caring functions that are symbolized by the Moon.
You may need to keep a balance between your own health and welfare and that of others, as you may have a tendency to “go overboard” in your concern for others and neglect your own personal needs. Sometimes, you may adopt a “mock martyr” attitude, using your self-sacrificing concern to inflict a “guilt trip” on the recipient of your care. Words like, “I’ve sacrificed so much for you, and this is the thanks I get” are typical of someone with Moon in the Twelfth House. When you are balanced, however, one of your strengths may be your ability to be a caring, sensitive and nurturing individual. (Gargatholil)

Moon in the 12th House: Positive Traits

This planet rules a water sign (Cancer) and the twelfth is one of the natural water houses ruled by Neptune/Jupiter and Pisces. This would indicate a person that is probably imaginative and may bestow psychic gifts. The double-edged sword here is that the individuals with the Moon in the 12th house may be so adept at picking up on feelings in the atmosphere they may not be able to differentiate between their own feelings and the feelings of others. This could leave these people thin-skinned with feelings that are easily hurt. It can, however, bestow the positive gifts of empathy and the ability to nurture those that are in need. The task here is to keep from being overwhelmed by what is picked up in the environment and at the same time allow themselves to be open to these gifts of the feeling nature.

A 12th house Moon indicates that these people are born loners, enjoying a reclusive lifestyle. Even when they are surrounded by people, they find their own secret world in which to retreat. They are likely to suffer if they seek a public lifestyle. The secret to success in their life is to spend much of their time in seclusion rather than attempting to seek prominence in the public eye. The more they seek to hold the limelight, the more they are prone to difficulties.

This doesn’t mean that those with the Moon in the Twelfth House can never achieve fame and fortune. It simply means that they need to work behind the scenes as much as possible, even choosing a career that requires seclusion, or in institutions such as hospitals, libraries, museums and archives – isolated positions in remote places. They might even like to consider a desert island existence at some stage in their life if they have other adventurous influences in their birth chart. Perhaps they have already discovered this to be the truth and prefer to be a recluse.

The placement of the Moon in the 12th house is similar in many ways to the Moon in the first house. People with the Moon in the twelfth are highly impressionable and sensitive; the mind floods with ideas and images, and is open to inspiration. However, there is usually some constraint. Either they do not feel free, for some reason, to translate their inspirations into meaningful efforts, or these efforts meet with little or no success. The early life may be so turbulent with emotional crises of various kinds that they can’t stick to anything long enough to bring it to completion. When there is success, it is often tinged with loneliness. (Stephanie Camilleri)

When we consider the collective qualities of the twelfth house, we might find this individual very open to a family inheritance and particularly anything emanating from the mother. A twelfth-house Moon is said to have a strong psychic bond with the mother. Although this is probably true in most cases, in some it might mean a separation from her at an early age as well. The pattern of their emotions and needs is strongly connected to other realities, which have bled into this life to be understood and resolved. There are significant and deep karmic connections between them and their mother, as well as other individuals who touch maternity and nourishment from their life. There was a tendency toward unconsciousness or habitual behavior in prior incarnations, as if they didn’t really see what was unfolding. Those rhythms have been brought in this life so they can let go of them and get on with the full development of conscious choice.

In general, the Moon in the 12th house indicates a fairly prevalent desire to regress back into the bliss of a womb-like existence. Those who had difficult pre-natal experiences or who were deprived of the mother at an early age may need to heal these wounds before they can accept incarnation and say ‘yes’ to life. (Howard Sasportas)

The gifts bestowed by a twelfth-house Moon placement might run along the lines of a deep ability to empathize or sympathize with those broken souls who find themselves in need of twelfth-house nurturing. The twelfth house is said to hide our inner assets, but these may be our most precious gifts to offer humanity. A twelfth-house position may give us the ability to know just what is needed at the appropriate time. This is also one of the placements of this planet that has shown up in the charts of prominent musicians and writers.

Moon in the Twelfth House: Negative Traits

If you are inwardly insecure, you are likely to fear that your ego-based personal self will disappear into oblivion. Your psyche tries to push this fear into your subconscious. Your subconscious is also trying to protect your ego from the pull of the unknown. By suppressing your existential fear, however, you create the conditions for deep neuroses to develop and take root in your subconscious.
In defending your personal self from experiencing of the frightening unknown, you are likely to overcompensate and overemphasize the personal. You may seek to heighten your awareness of your personal self by turning up the volume on your feelings and emotions. You may also try to create a sense of security and self-importance by creating situations in which you becomes a care-provider to dependent others. You will tend to nurture these relationships in order to entrap the other party(ies) and hold onto their dependency. This may involve a good deal of deception on your part. (Gargatholil)

The Moon in the Twelfth House is a rather lonely position in general. Men with this Moon placement often have a hard time maintaining a close relationship with a partner, or with anyone. If they do have a good relationship, the partner will often have to carry the burden of responsiveness as the man will cloak himself in self-isolation from time to time, and it will be up to the other to penetrate it. This usually comes from a painful relationship with the mother, the loss of the mother early in life, or the lack of her nurturing love.

Women with the Moon in the 12th house also find it hard to maintain a close and constant relationship over a long period of time. They have a great need for privacy. They are inclined to break off a relationship that threatens to become too intimate without explanation; to move, or take a job in another town and leave no forwarding address. Both sexes are often sentimental about love, but deep down they don’t enjoy intimacy, and many times would rather do a disappearing act and keep the memories than go through the aches and pains of maintaining a long-term relationship. (Stephanie Camilleri)

Like the Moon in the other Water houses, the Moon in the 12th house suggests an innate psychological openness and vulnerability. A thin line exists between what they are feeling and what others around them are feeling. Like psychic vacuum cleaners, they ‘suck in’ what is circulating in the atmosphere. They may believe they are experiencing their own emotione, when, in actual fact, they have absorbed those of someone else. Without foregoing their inborn receptivity, they would be wise to develop ways of strengthening their ego-boundaries in order to protect themselves from being too invaded. They need to master and use their sensitivity rather than be overwhelmed by it. Some may require periodic seclusion to re-establish their inner peace and equilibrium.

In any case, the Moon in the 12th house often indicates a complex or unusual relationship with the mother. The 12th house knows no boundaries: the child woulld have been very receptive to the mother’s feeling life and would continue to be so even when physically separated. Through dreams, mediumship and visions, many people with 12th house Moons are still closely linked with mothers long departed from the world. (Howard Sasportas)

Their intuition is instinctive; how they use it is the question. Early imprints with their mother or other maternal figures fostered a high sensitivity to intangible information. Now their intuitive radar is second nature. Channelship can replace fear and confusion with safety and certainty. The pitfall involves boundaries. Their own emotional opinions often intertwine with intuitive messages. Those with the Moon in the Twelfth House may identify with feelings not really their own, or presume their feelings to be messages. The challenge is to identify what is truly theirs in the realm of emotion, to separate personal feelings from intutive information. (Bill Herbst)

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