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Moon In Virgo

The Moon in Virgo

This position of the Moon is not easy because it compounds the tendency of Virgo to be a slave. You tend to be instinctively occupied with details with an emphasis on the health of the body. You are more shy and desirous of staying behind the scenes as well as taking longer to recognize your slave role for what it is.

Those with planetary positions which help you to consider your own needs first may find almost insurmountable difficulties in relationships. You may terminate relationships which have been inconsiderate of you by just walking out and refusing to discuss the situation further.

You have difficulty in defending yourself rationally and firmly. Your emotional nature is so closely wedded to your health and desire to serve that you tend to be either very effectively health conscious or a nagging hypochondriac.

In either case you find it most difficult to hold your own and explain what you know. You try harder to conform to what the culture has passed on to you in some acceptable way. If what has been passed on to you is workable you are more at the mercy of others to help correct the situation.

Here are a few keynotes of the Moon in Virgo. This should NOT be considered an exhaustive list.

Moon in Virgo: NEEDED FOR EMOTIONAL SECURITY: education, validation for keen discernment, devoted teacher-student relationship, teachers he can admire, cleanliness and order, health and vitality. DETOUR: not owning how he contributes to stressful situations (instead of just criticizing or blaming others), overanalyzes feelings and emotions, goes up into his “head” rather than feel his feelings at core (lower torso), thinks he can “figure it all out” but ends up wasting time squirrel-caging and rationalizing.

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