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Best Music For Your Zodiac Sign

Music Through The Zodiac

What music is best for your zodiac sign?

Below are the bands associated with each sign, preceded by the brief sign description I provided to get their juices flowing.

See if you agree. Get going!

Aries Music:

Music that fires you up with energy, really makes you want to get on your feet and MOVE.

Rodrigo y Gabriela • AC/DC • Van Halen • Prince • Stevie Wonder • Jackson Five • Fatboy Slim • Parliament • The Meters • Chevelle • Muse • Depeche Mode • Primus • James Asher, Feet in the Soil• Lunasa

Taurus Music:

Music thats heavy and thick with sound. Not dirges, but slow and earthy and calm. It would take a lot to get you out of the La-Z-Boy here.

Tom Waits • Supreme Beings of Leisure • Nick Drake • Van Morrison • Donovan • Grant Lee Phillips • Keith Jarrett • Devendra Banhart

Gemini Music:

Quick, light, fun, short-attention-span music. The kind of music you want playing in the background at a party.

The Ramones • They Might Be Giants • The Locust • Paul McCartney, Ram • B-52s • Barenaked Ladies • Weezer • OK Go • The 88• The Gispy Kings

Cancer Music:

Music to make you feel at home comforting that just wraps you in its arms and holds you.

James Taylor • Cat Stevens • Aretha Franklin • Crosby, Stills & Nash • Ray Charles • Bill Withers • The Band • Grateful Dead • Gram Parsons • Rickie Lee Jones • Bonnie Raitt • Van Morrison • Barry Manilow

Leo Music:

Regal, magnetic, look at me! music the kind that rivets you, not just with the music but with all the pomp and fun of the performance.

Queen • David Bowie • Roxy Music • T. Rex • KISS •Madonna

Virgo Music:

Music thats focused, clean and crisp yet complicated and ponderous, alchemical and, of course, technically perfect.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer • King Crimson • Rush • Yes • Mid-period Jethro Tull • Frank Zappa • Vivaldi • The Cure • Snatam Kaur

Libra Music:

Music featuring the harmony, balance and back-and-forth of a well-paired duo.

Indigo Girls • The White Stripes • Simon & Garfunkel • Tegan & Sara • The Wilshires

Scorpio Music:

Music that takes you to the depths, dark and powerful. Not pretty. Music that leaves you kind of ravaged.

Metallica • Rob Zombie • Korn • Marilyn Manson • Tool • Bob Mould, Black Sheets of Rain • Nine Inch Nails • Elliott Smith • The Plastic Ono Band • Black Sabbath • Funkadelic • Nirvana • Soundgarden • Alice in Chains

Sagittarius Music:

Music thats lively, traveling up and down the scales with lots of experimentation and lots of fun.

Flogging Molly • Steely Dan • Jellyfish • Sufjan Stevens • The Negro Problem/Stew • The Pogues

Capricorn Music:

Music that starts on the ground and takes you to the summit but slowly, carefully. Music in which you have to work for the reward.

Pink Floyd • Genesis (with Peter Gabriel) • Robert Fripp • Krishna Das • Green Day, American Idiot

Aquarius Music:

Quirky, creative, independent music that pushes the envelope. Bonus points if the lyrics address social justice issues.

Rage Against the Machine • Bob Marley • Spearhead • Billy Bragg • Steve Earle • Street Dogs • Ani DiFranco

Pisces Music:

Music of the spheres. Music that leaves you feeling like you just had a direct encounter with the gods.

Led Zeppelin • The Who • Late-period Beatles • Mid-period Rolling Stones • Cirque du Soleil, Delirium • Pink Floyd • Jimi Hendrix• Angels of Venice • Sophia • Enya

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