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The Neptune Cycle

The “Rose Colored Glasses” cycle sneaks up courtesy of that ethereal ball of gas: Neptune.

Neptune is the master of smoke and mirrors. It’s the mirage in the desert and king of delusion, self-deception and oh yes, vision, faith, and spirituality. Remember in Star Wars when Darth Vader cut down Obiwan and only clothing fell to the floor? When Neptune comes to call don’t be surprised to find yourself jousting with thin air and waking up to find yourself out, way out, on a limb. Why? because Neptune makes us believe that pigs can fly and so can we!

So how do you successfully navigate the uncharted mists of Neptune-land? Well, keeping a good supply of Capricorn friends who can remind you of the little things (like the law of gravity) is a good start. This is not a good time to launch major projects or to turn your life upside down. But it’s a good time to dream. Just sit back, relax, and watch the show. Oh, and if anyone approaches you with a “pyramid” scheme… run, run like the wind.

The Neptune fog rolls into your life at ages 42 and 84.

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