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Neptune In Leo

Neptune in Leo

We tend to think of these slow moving planets as not being personal to individuals, but rather to generations. Such is not the case. They only influence a more easily identifiable group of people who still use this influence in the context of the rest of the chart. This is true of all planetary positions.

Neptune in Leo ushered in psychic, intuitive, glamorous, mystical, and intangible influences surrounding individual identity. Mediumship and spiritualism were popular along with growing affluence in the society and film-making on a grand scale.

You will personally feel the influence of Neptune depending on where your Sun is located as well as where Leo is in your chart. But you must remember Leo and the position of the Sun anywhere in your chart along with the fifth house influence is vital to the health of your heart and backbone, your ego and what you pride yourself on being.

If you have Neptune in Leo or the Fifth House you will incorporate finesse, subtlety, and self-sacrificing qualities in the way you make your stage presentation. You are likely to have an effective but elusive way of making your points.

Neptune also rules escapes of all kinds including drugs, alcohol and religion. When you feel embarrassed or rejected you are likely to turn to one of these things for relief. It is also possible because of your pride you will reflect these avenues of escape and look for something more socially acceptable. You may have heart problems which are very difficult if not impossible to diagnose.

Here are a few keynotes of Neptune in Leo. This should NOT be considered an exhaustive list.

NEPTUNE IN LEO: Idealizes and inflates expectations about life-drama, theatre, movies, creativity, heroism, individuality. Spiritual blessings: generosity, open heartedness, devotion.

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