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Neptune in Pisces, 2011-2025

How Neptune Transit in Pisces (5th April 2011-11th March 2025) will affect you!

On 5 April 2011, outer planet Neptune enters Pisces for the first time since 1848. The world was experiencing the American Civil War; the birth of Evolution through Darwinism; the discovery of antibiotics and the development of hypnosis, clairvoyance and psychology.

Neptune has a 14 year stay in each sign of the zodiac, influencing whole generations by sign placement. The fact that we will witness a Neptune/Pisces transit at first hand is awe-inspiring in view of the fact that Pisces is ruled by Neptune. Neptune has returned home after a long journey.

The 3 outer planets are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. They are currently travelling in a convoy. Uranus sweeping things away first, followed by Neptune then Pluto. Uranus transforms through disruption; Neptune through confusion and Pluto through destruction.

Neptune in Aquarius 1997 – 2011

The last 14 years of Neptune transiting Aquarius have changed our view of technology and what it is to be interconnected. Aquarius is a collective sign ruled by air. Social networking became accessible to everyone via mobile phones. The effects of this have recently been demonstrated by the spread of the Middle Eastern revolutions, mainly organised on the net.

Think back over the years of your life between 1997-2011. What has changed, almost imperceptibly, in your inner and outer life? One of Neptune’s hallmarks is its invisible dissolution of the outdated and its gradual shift into new realities. What used to be important and meaningful to you and how has that changed?

Neptune In Pisces Themes:

  • fluid boundaries
  • illusion
  • sorcery
  • enchantment
  • art especially film
  • photography
  • medicine
  • drugs and chemicals
  • religion and spirituality
  • the spirit of inner exploration
  • the unconscious
  • the oceans (Uranus was at the very last degree and arc minute of Pisces-the most powerful expression of the whole sign-on the 11March Tsunami)
  • how well we know ourselves
  • connection with others
  • bliss through cooperation
  • humanitarian efforts.
  • addictions
  • escapism
  • psychological fog
  • stuckness

Neptune in Pisces in our individual Charts

If you have planets and points early in the mutable signs (Pisces / Gemini / Virgo / Sagittarius), you will experience the Neptunian challenge first. Neptune’s strategy is to lure us into unwise decisions such as thinking we’ve found the way to riches or God or glamour, then strand us for years in a fog of disorientation. All the old familiar road signs disappear. The purpose is to move us out of our comfort zones so we have to find our own way home. Feeling completely stuck is its hallmark as everything seems like a cat’s cradle and far too knotted up to disentangle. The conjunction, square and opposition to other natal planets can literally make us feel weary, permanently drained, lethargic and unmotivated.

People with many Water or Earth sign planets will perceive the blissful aspect of Neptunian inter connectedness.

Key Future Neptunian Trends

  • a greater understanding of what it is to be human
  • space expansion
  • the development of our inner psychic or”innernet”
  • increased global warming and the gradual disappearance of low lying countries
  • environmental activism
  • mineral/oil searches under the ice or ocean
  • the dissolution of hierarchical institutions, especially the Catholic Church.
  • global organisations working together to provide aid and cooperation
  • new political alliances
  • the tempering of the powerful Uranian “me first” energies

Chiron as Neptune’s Companion February 2011 – 2018

Something else remarkable is accompanying Neptune’s return to Pisces. As Neptune slowly reaches home after a 164 year journey round the zodiac, he is accompanied by Chiron. Chiron, the most important of the Centaurs found in the Kuiper Belt, is now moving slowly in Outer Planet mode. This makes it highly likely that even with the momentous transits of 2011 (Jupiter and Uranus into Aries/ Chiron into Pisces/Neptune into Pisces) Chiron will take a leading role in the unfolding events. Since he was discovered in 1977, empirical evidence suggests that Chiron is a pattern maker, who shows us each where our Achilles heel is (by its position in our natal chart) so that we can experience difficulties in order to turn our experiences into gold to help others.

Chiron’s transits provide a background theme for the time. It focuses our attention. In Pisces, Chiron is showing us the many ways we try to avoid feeling what we’re feeling. Some of these include addictions to drugs and alcohol, social networking, being influenced by millions of adverts each day. All of these numb us to our creativity and to the power of now. Eric Frances says that “Chiron can be thought of as a boat allowing us to cross the deep ocean providing navigation, direction and a safe passage to being who we are meant to be.”

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