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Neptune rules things like spirituality, boundless compassion, creativity and dreams. But this same wonderful planet also rules the con man and the liar. We live in a world of opposites and these guys are two sides of the same coin.

So how do you tell the difference in self and others? When we want to apply a Neptunian event or concept in our lives, Neptune nudges us into believing that we don’t have to prove anything or question anything. Just let it flow is Neptune’s anthem.


In heaven or a perfect world, that might work. If you have become a flawless manifester you might be able to pull it off. But if you are not a total guru, chances are you are being a little overzealous in assuming the world will stop being a material Saturn kind of place and simply dissolve into the arms of the Trident bearer.

If we subjected our intuition to constant logic it wouldn’t be intuition! That is Neptune talking. But unfortunately those who would deceive us and those of us who would deceive ourselves use the same anti-logic to do it. Don’t question. Just believe. SO the question becomes how to question Neptune without killings its subtle beauty.

My suggestion to my clients who were having Neptune influences was to examine their belief, event, person, whatever the Neptune inspired thing might be…on paper.

If you can’t quickly and easily write a justification for why something is so, should be done or someone should be believed … then you are likely being deluded. Justifications that start with suppositions like, “I know he didn’t mean to” or “This time will be different”, need to be looked at with a very critical eye.

I don’t believe our intuition goes to sleep under Neptune’s influence, if anything it is magnified, but many things that aren’t really true intuitive promptings suddenly seem to feel like it. That is where the confusion sets in.

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