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Neptune- The Beauty of Spiritual Development

Neptune- The Beauty of Spiritual Development

Neptune- The Beauty of Spiritual Development

The most beautiful and most profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical. … To know that what is impenatrable for us really exists and manifests itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty … is the core of the true religious sentiment. – Albert Einstein (Pisces)

Neptune teaches us compassion, empathy and the highest form of love, Agape. A true Neptunian feels connected with all that is, because Neptune always gives some kind of ability to see a reflection of the Divine in everything. Full of compassion and fellow-feeling Neptunians usually have a need to help their suffering brothers. They are kind and caring, have a great love of animals and all helpless creatures. Often Neptunians care for the problems of others as if they were their own- and sometimes get so tangled with others’ vibrations that they need at least a temporary solitude in order to revitalize themselves.

miracles happenIn true Neptunian love there are no strings attached and nothing is desired in return. Neptune refines, purifies, sensitizes, until there is nothing crude or coarse left in us. As a planet of perfection, Neptune visions a better world, full of beauty, , miracles, brotherly love, harmony and unity.

In spiritual life Neptune gives faith and an ability to trust the basic goodness of the universe. For those in touch with Neptune worldly values are never as important as spiritual ones, because for them everything is meaningful and everything is seen from an eternal viewpoint.

Neptune dissolves boundaries between the conscious and the unconscious mind, thus Neptunians are great dreamers, both in sleep and awake. Many of the Neptunian dreams are exceptionally creative, with a touch of divine inspiration.

Neptune often benefits from aspects to more practical planets, like Mars and Saturn – and other planets that teach the Neptunian to put ideals into practice. Often the difficult, more stressful Neptune aspects (to any planet) are the best aspects for a creative and spiritual life. “In the charts of all persons actively pursuing some kind of spiritual path as their main vocation, Neptune was in conjunction, square or opposition with the personal planets, Ascendant, or Midheaven at birth”, wrote Jane Evans.

A true Neptunian sees exquisite beauty everywhere and is forever trying to beautify life. One of Neptune’s truest gifts is creativity. Neptunians act as poets, artists, musicians, dancers, but may also express they creativity in religious life dedicating their life for the sole benefit of others. Many sensitive Neptunians listen to their own inner guidance, the small voice within, and thus become their own teachers. They see things other don’t see, at least not yet. Neptunia ideals may seem impractical and impossible, but still, a few years later, everyone may speak about them.

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