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Neptune is associated with several different Gods, one of which is the God of the sea, Poseidon (to the Greeks) or Neptune (the Roman version). It is long known that the universal solvent is water and this is exactly how this planet works in the vocational charts of individuals or in corporate charts.


Where it is placed in the chart is where a lot of re-processing occurs during the life of the entity. It is where we see altruism. It also indicates the area of the chart where there are no boundaries. This manifests as either negative or positive energy depending upon the perception and the ability to filter properly.

The negative manifestation is where there is a sense of being lost, a sense of over-idealism, and over-inflated influences. On a positive note, it is where there are no boundaries in terms of imagination. It is where one may re-create themselves and their identity over and over. An indicator of creativity and intuition, a strongly aspected Neptune, or a Neptune or Pisces influence in the chart encourages mergers and acquisitions. It has the capacity to create in the individual or company an appropriate vision, which manifests externally as a merger.

Neptune is the planet that represents mergers and re-organization. It is where one can take old and worn out resources and transform them into new and useful possibilities. Mergers, a type of symbiosis, occur when a company or individual chart intersects that of another’s and can go no further than its present form unless they join forces. The resulting merger eliminates worn-out systems and methods, thereby eliminating some of the past.

When a heavy debt factor is present a company is open to a merger. Like the myth of Poseidon, the God of the seas, the company or the individual finds himself lost at sea and realizes that they need to become part of a larger body.

Since Neptune is the God of the seas, it represents nautical products or occupations. It also rules oil, petroleum, paint, rubber, tin, and gas. Neptune is associated with Dionysus, the God of wine, ecstasy and madness, who mesmerized the women and drew them into an ecstatic frenzy (similar to rock and roll idols and the young people that they influence). The ability to mesmerize and influence the public into purchasing-advertising and its resulting buying trances is associated with Neptune.

Neptune rules the drug and pharmaceutical field as well as holistic and traditional healing fields. Hospitals and institutions that work with those less fortunate, prisons, adoption agencies, cults, and homes for people whose mental faculties are impaired, are all Neptune ruled. Agencies or organizations that work with addictions such as tobacco, alcohol, and drug may include Neptune as part of their chart make-up.

Neptune rules Pisces, which, in turn is associated with the feet. Shoe industries, stockings, leggings, podiatrists as well as fields that work with illusion or controlled imagery such as make-up, cosmetics, photography, music, dance, and acting are all Neptune ruled. Any industry that works with the unconscious such as dream analysis, hypnotherapy, and Jungian symbolism, is also Neptune ruled as well as over-inflated prices, over-inflated ideals, over-inflated ego, and heavy debt.

Brain Teaser

When studying mergers in the news, where was transiting Neptune in the company’s chart? What was hitting a company’s Neptune? Does the company chart indicate debt levels that are high? Does your client’s chart, whose company is merging, show heavy Neptune transits to their chart, to their tenth house or the ruler of their tenth house? Is that a transit coming up?

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About the author:

Georgia Stathis, professional astrologer from Pleasant Hill, CA, works with individuals in helping them draw out these aspects of the self so that a more fertile field of possibility in relationship emerges. She is author of Starcycles calendars and appointment books. She has an M.B.A. degree, and her latest book is Business Astrology 101. She lectures widely on such topics as mythology, relationships, and the correlations of planetary cycles with history and future possibilities.

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