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New Moon in Aries 2018: Initiating New Initiatives

The fiercest new Moon of the year arrives on Monday, April 16, 2018. You’ll want to catch the fire of this bold, bright lunation, so prepare in advance and don’t hesitate for a moment!

Aries is the sign of beginnings — it illuminates the best ways for us to start new projects. This is the sign that’s constantly being born, living to the fullest and leading parades.

It may not be so great with the follow-through, but damn, Aries — the very first sign of the zodiac — is the absolute best at being first. It will burst through the gate before most other signs have even found out that a race was scheduled.

All new Moons are about starting new ventures — planting seeds for the next two weeks (and the next six months, if you’re thinking long-term). Each sign gets one new Moon a year (except on rare occasions when certain signs get more than one).

When you combine the ambition, passion and thirst for novelty of Aries with the regularly scheduled programming of the monthly lunar cycle, you get right down to the business of beginning. This is initiation incarnate, and it’s especially valuable for business ventures.

This lunation is most powerful during the week leading up to the exact day of the new Moon. Because it takes place on a Monday, try to take advantage of it during business hours during the prior week. If you’re freelance or your job requires weekends, you can tap into the powerful energy available during the 24 hours prior to the exact lunation on Monday afternoon.

There couldn’t be a better new Moon in all of 2018 for launching a business or moving up the corporate ladder. Whatever it is that you want to build, the new Moon in Aries 2018 will help get you started. The rest is up to you!

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