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Chinese Zodiac Dragon

Dragon Horoscope 2019

2019 Chinese Horoscope Predictions For the Dragon , Year of The Pig Dear Dragon, welcome to the Chinese New Year of the Pig 2019! According to Chinese astrology, the Chinese New Year 2019 will start on February 5, 2019. 2019 Dragon Horoscopes Dragon Horoscope 2019 Overview 2019 Dragon Love Horoscope Dragon Money Horoscope 2019 2019 Dragon Career Horoscope Dragon 2019 Health …

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How Far Would You Go To Shape The Future Of Your Children?

Playing God A recent fad among the rich and famous in Hong Kong is to use a Caesarian Section to …

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weak spot

What Is Your Achilles Heel According To Chinese Astrology?

Everyone has at least one vulnerable spot. It is a potential weak spot that explodes into a disaster when enough …

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Wealth chinese astrology

What Kind Of Wealth Are You Pursuing?

When the subject of wealth comes up, we tend to think of material possessions which can come in two forms. …

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Personality Types Astrology

Personality Types, A Commentary on Human Differences

People are different from each other. Perhaps when we mature enough to realize this then an interest in learning about …

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Karen Robidoux

The Astrology Of Karen Robidoux – Starved Her Child for God

As I’ve been busily compiling a database of women accused of killing their children, the Karen Robidoux case grabbed my …

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Cameron Hooker

The Astrology Of Cameron Hooker – Scorpio Gone Wild

With recent news items about men who kept their own daughters as sex slaves, I began contemplating the psychology of …

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Brenda Spencer birth-chart

Astrology Of Brenda Spencer – Secrets, Lies and Mondays

From Charles Whitman to Columbine, school shootings have confounded the public and bred fear in parents and students. What could …

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An Archetypal Look at the Movie Breakfast Club

If you’re old enough, you remember how this 1985 John Hughes movie caught the imagination of teenagers everywhere. The Breakfast …

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Retrograde Planets

A retrograde planet appears to be moving backward through the zodiac. Even though we know that planets cannot stop, turn …

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Past Life Astrology: Use Your Birthchart to Understand Your Karma

Review Judy Hall’s Past Life Astrology: Use Your Birthchart to Understand Your Karma

When I told several astrologers that my new book, Stars Behind the Tortured Soul Healing Past-Life Memories Through Astrology is …

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Home Sweet Home – How The Zodiac Signs Feel About Home

Cancers are noted for their bonds to family and the home. A lot of attention goes towards creating and maintaining …

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Astro Secrets to Avoiding a High-Calorie Splurge

ARIES: Bread As far as French inventions go, you’ll take the baguette over the bicycle any day. (It turns out …

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