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Find Out What He’s Thinking by Zodiac Sign

ARIES 1. “Threesome?” Well, that flickers through his mind every time he sees you and your attractive girlfriend chatting and …

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signature scent

Your Signature Scent by Zodiac Sign

Aries: “The One” by Dolce & Gabbana Independent, fierce and feisty –- you need a scent that declares that you’re …

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The Astrology of Passion

Passion is an important element in chart interpretation. For the professional astrologer, helping clients understand the nature of their own …

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midlife love astrology

The Astrology of Love in Midlife

By the age of 40, we’re often more capable of authentic and compassionate relating than we were when we were …

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Sun Moon Qualities

How does the modality of your Moon sign and Sun sign compare? For a beginning student of astrology, the introduction …

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Shakespeare and Astrology

Shakespeare, Astrology, and Alchemy: A Critical and Historical Perspective As we move into the 21st Century, the plays of William Shakespeare …

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Drive: A Scorpionic-kind-of-movie

Drive, the recent movie which came out starring Ryan Gosling, is dripping with astrological symbolism, albeit inadvertently. Throughout the movie, …

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beauty poster

Venus-Pluto “Dangerous Beauty”

Ever wonder what would happen if Venus, the goddess of love and sex, set up shop in one of the …

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The Fixed Signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius

THE VALUE OF FIXED VALUES Are you a Fixed Sun sign? If so, the Fixed quadruplicity may explain why you …

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Astrology and The Twelve Hungers

There are twelve basic hungers, desires, or needs in astrology -one for every planet, sign, house, or aspect of the …

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career astrology

Career Significators In Astrology

Astrologers traditionally look to the tenth house in a chart for indications of the career path an individual will take. …

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The Sextile

Book Reviews – Understanding Aspects: The Inconjunct and The Sextile By Alan Epstein

I am a student, and began a search for any information available regarding YOD configurations for a research project. I …

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