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Becoming a Gemini

The Sun is in the sign of GEMINI this month. Those of us who were born between May 21st and …

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Healing Herbs For Your Zodiac Sign

The use of medicinal herbs is as old as astrology itself. All herbs in the plant kingdom have been given …

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Best Diets For Every Zodiac Sign

It is a well known fact that people can be classified in various respects according to the sign of the …

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Aries and Libra Opposite Signs

Every sign has its opposite sign which supplies a mirror reflection of the qualities which appear to be lacking in …

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What Makes A Leo Happy- Life in the Sunshine

The Sun is the power point of the horoscope, thus you will seldom be truly happy without being connected to …

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A Modern Leonian Fairy Tale- The Bold and The Beautiful

According to Blaise Pascal the happiness of higher classes consisted of having people entertaining them. In Ancient times the happiness …

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What Activities Does Your Child Need to be Happy and Content?

It depends on which elements – Fire, Earth, Air, or Water – are strongest in the chart. Each astrological sign …

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Benefits of Knowing Your Child’s Zodiac Sign

As we know, raising children, and doing it well, is one of the most challenging tasks of humankind. If only …

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Are Your Children Typical of their Zodiac Signs?

Here is a quick description of the children of each zodiac sign. The Aries child These children are in a …

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The Leo Myth- The Myth Of Juno

The myth of Juno – The royal womanliness It is a purely Roman myth, there is not a similar figure …

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The Gemini Myth- The Myth Of Castor and Pollux

The myth of the Dioscuri The Dioscuri are two children of Zeus called Castor and Pollux, two boys who are …

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The Leo Man

… The hero must put aside his pride… then he discovers that he and his opposite are not a different …

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The Leo Woman

The Leo woman possesses marked and very visible characteristics: with her strength, originality and passion mixed with pride; she is a …

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The Taurus Man

The sign of Taurus is very “female”, and in the psychological image of the natives of this sign, certainly the …

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The Taurus Woman

Without any doubt the woman of the sign of Taurus has a psyche strongly immersed in “female” charcateristics, but none …

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The Gemini Man

The Gemini man has the opportunity to remain what is referred to as “an eternal boy” for the rest of …

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The Gemini Woman

The Gemini woman has an absolutely communicative character that makes her nice, amusing and brilliant. She is very much interested …

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The Negative Side Of Each Zodiac Sign

Each Sign Has Its Difficulties We all know people who show us the negative side of their Sun sign. Aries …

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Taurus And Friendship

What kind of friend you are If you are a Taurus, you love being surrounded by a few selected friends …

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The Taurus Myth- The Bull

The myth behind Taurus zodiac sign “Once, there was a young boy named Theseus. Nobody knew who his father was, …

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