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The Ninth House

The ninth house is the “higher mind” as opposed to the third house of the “lower mind” of everyday details and practical thinking. It is the university vs. grade and high school. In the ninth, we put together our experiences and our thinking to draw conclusions. It represents our ethics, religious attitudes, philosophy and belief systems, ideology, morals, or what we value as being important to our wholeness on a collective, cultural level.

The Ninth House Alison Chester-Lambert  - Astrology Reading Cards Your Personal Journey in the Stars

Alison Chester-Lambert – Astrology Reading Cards Your Personal Journey in the Stars

It is the house of higher education, foreign travel, higher courts of law, the Supreme Court. The ninth includes clear and true dreams, extended perceptions (sometimes labeled “psychic”), the extensive mind, and the intuitive mind. Sometimes called the “house of God,” it indicates an individual’s personal concepts and definition of divinity, his highest ideals and aspirations.

Advertising, promotion, publication and publicity are ninth house areas of endeavor. People associated with this house are judges, high clergymen such as bishops, the Pope, the Primate, and highly placed political positions like that of the Prime Minister, Secretary of State of a country, as well as the professor and the Guru.

In Eastern astrology, the ninth is the house of dharma: “the law of one’s nature” or “the principle of one’s being.” It is the house of grace, fortune and luck. It, like Jupiter, rules the father (unlike Western astrology, where ‘father’ is the tenth house). It is where we receive prestige, honor and acceptance from the community, and it is considered the most potentially auspicious house in the chart. It signifies karmic actions performed in earlier lives whose fruits are now ripe to enjoy. Its deeper significance lies in its relationship with the world beyond the perception of the physical sense organs.

It is in the ninth house that we can make contact and unite with our high self, the superconscious self, the over-soul. It is a house of wealth that manifests as material abundance and psychological well being which is founded on and derived from accrued spiritual merit. From the perspective of the ninth house we comprehend some of Jesus’ instructions: “Do not store up for yourselves, treasure on earth, where it grows rusty and moth eaten, and thieves break in and steal it. Store up treasure in heaven.” “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” Our true and timeless values protect us to a great degree from being wounded by the fluctuations of earthly fortunes and the “fickle finger of fate.”

About the author:

Eleanor Buckwalter has studied, practiced and taught astrology in Los Altos, CA for more than twenty-five years, including three years with the late Richard Idemon, a psychological astrologer. Her primary astrological focus of interest is parent-child relationships and family dynamics.

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