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North Node in Aquarius- South Node in Leo


The passion and intensity that you put into your every action must be your focus in dealing with the difficulties of the environment in which you live. It is important that you develop a strong sense of identity as this will allow you to have more extended relationships, without fear of losing your sense of integrity.

If you have a strong ego, you will have no fear of losing personal boundaries. Also there will be no need to project your negative feelings onto others, or to adopt a style of behavior alien to you, just because you feel stressed. It is most important for you to experience cooperation and team work as this allows you to understand the great potential of realization and success when forces and ideas are joined.

To start with, it is important that you accept an honest confrontation with friends and others, learning to tolerate their differences and their different perspectives and accepting them as a real enrichment on a personal level.


The behaviour of people, especially when they share common experiences, depends on their degree of awareness and their ability to control their emotions.

To succeed in this endeavor you will need to acquire a detachment that allows you to achieve a sense of inner strength allowing you to overcome feeling overwhelmed or rejected by others or invaded by their emotions.

Only by learning to think about what happens both inside and outside yourself can you overcome the need to react instinctively to the conduct of others, and only then will you acquire the requisite social skills.

When you feel attacked by others you must be able to retain enough distance to allow you to analyze personal issues that are challenged by the diversity around you. One of the keywords of your life should be “mediate.”


Part of your voyage consists of your personal responsibility to work in order to help improve your surroundings. Groups are extended families who must work together and have as their goal a common project.

In order to reach this, individuals must have clear social objectives and avoid the influence of any personal interests that may conflict with the interest of the group.

It is, therefore, very important for you to understand that every idea and opinion is relative and that acceptance of this truth can lead to a true capacity of tolerance towards the diversity of others. The assurance of a deep respect for your sense of identity will make you feel less vulnerable when you feel challenged by others’ ideas.


The task that you are asked to complete is to assume the mantle of a world citizen, one who has an ideal of society that thinks there are ties between people who have common goals and a shared sense of humanity. To achieve this, it is important to have a healthy sense of responsibility that allows us to understand that all men are walking towards a common destiny and, therefore, should all contribute to this realization.

Everyone should also understand, that in order to attain this, it is sometimes necessary to sacrifice things of personal interest. There is a need to transform egotism into a real sense of individuality by developing a better sense of cohesion that brings with it a great sense of belonging.


The strong need to feel free in a society of free people, able to express its needs without losing sight of the common good, will help you move towards the abandonment of conditioning. This will in turn help you to develop an ability to reflect and decide for yourself without feeling compelled to respond to what does not belong to you.

A healthy division between subjective and objective vision allows us all to express our true nature. There is no way to live deeply in our own uniqueness and creativity if this is not connected to something real in the world outside.

To achieve this it is fundamental to create systems of exchange which allow you to interact and to feel part of something bigger than yourself, your family or your circle of friends. The capacity to share and participate in collective events for the common good can help rid you of those restricting divisions that block growth and prevent you participating in the building of a common future.

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