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North Node in Aries- South Node in Libra

Aries North Node

Your karmic destiny involves bringing the energy of the warrior, leader, and pioneer into the field of life experience that hosts your north node. You are called to master the principle of courage through taking initiative and seizing the day. Going beyond your past you are called to grow into your future like the caterpillar who has to transform itself to fly free of the cocoon.

The north node indicates by sign, house, and aspect the process of your own creative transformation.

Your south node is in Libra showing that lifetimes were spent being the lover, artist, and diplomat. Now you seek to repeat those kinds of experiences in vain. You won’t be able to recreate that ideal love until you can integrate the lesson of the fiery node in Aries that asks you to step out and be true to yourself.

You have to learn to follow your own instincts. Seeking approval and being indecisive may have ensnared your soul in the past. This lifetime is about breaking out and expressing courage!

By integrating the nodal axis you will become a source of daring beauty. Work to develop the harmonious traits associated with the sign of Aries and the planet Mars. Mars will be important for your overall spiritual growth because it disposits the north node.

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