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North Node in Cancer- South Node in Capricorn


The extreme need for autonomy and detachment has led you to invest much in your external persona, both personally and professionally, through your understanding of emotions. You quickly recognised your ambitions and attended to them, developing an ability to show your great potential to the world.

Now, to become complete you need to return to your roots, your intimate self, to discover who you really are and to become fully self-aware.

You work hard to not show your vulnerability and have developed an air of independence that is not real. You do not really have the ability to understand your own emotions and develop them. In your journey you must discover your heart and this will then give you ways to be genuinely stronger.


You see that the world, in some ways, is the result of strong family legacies. At a spiritual level it is as if you have very deeply developed the values of the mother figure and which gives you the qualities that gave birth to the world, but you must also pay attention to the father figure (which you must also define more clearly in your mind) and listen to this as well.

This will not seem easy for you but by doing it you will be stronger and better-able to manage your inner pressures without feeling fragile or out of your own control.

You already know how to take responsibility for your actions and behaviour and now you must learn to take responsibility for your inner, intimate world. Do this and you will be able to look after yourself in the face of all the difficulties that the world and life throw at you.


Roots are important but above all family and emotional life is key. This is something that you feel you have lost and need to find again. Only by rediscovering your history can you have a deep sense of continuity and allow yourself to connect your past and present. Your history gives you a sense of having roots and the deeper these roots are the more ready you will feel to go and face the world.

Personal history is made up of memories and these can help you recharge your spirit in the face of external battles and give you the balance that you need in life.

What you search for and what will comfort you will be the things that feed your roots and make them stronger. You really need to find your spiritual home where the past, present and future all come together.


Your journey has brought you to a point where you must go it alone. Along the route you have learnt to be self-sufficient and to fight to your impulses and fears.

Real autonomy is teaching you to ask for help and comfort and to give space to the needs that bring colour to your life. When you accomplish this you will be someone who has united their ambition with their relationships, their feelings with their accomplishments and their head and their heart.

The fact that you have tried not to be emotionally dependent does bring some risks which you would be wise to study. You still have a very strong need for kindness, warmth, family, and someone to look after. Now you can look at this part of yourself without necessarily seeing it as something that goes against your ambitions and life achievements.


You have to understand that it is not always possible to be totally committed to a career and neither is it possible with the complete opposite. Life goes toward a sense of unity. You have to balance your strong desire for external space in order to explore your great potential.

Your other qualities at the emotional level can also make a great contribution to the world; teaching about how to understand the fundamental things like the soul, life and to perceive who you are inside and then joining this with family legacy, both good and bad, you may discover what is worth keeping and what you can leave behind.

Only if you are emotionally secure will you be able to get in touch with your personal power. Without this you risk being overwhelmed at the point where you have the greatest need to show your stability. The sense of structure and discipline that you have can help a lot when something is unresolved on an emotional level. You should try to develop a “receptive force” enabling you to feel how it connects to others and so to not lose sight of the fact that the things that appear material may also have a spirit.

You must harness and cultivate that feeling that made you suffer in the past and which is now one that can give guidance on the choices you make.

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