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North Node in Gemini- South Node in Sagittarius


By nature you have a great facility for the development of big ideas and big systems. It is as if you possess a great mind, always stimulated and looking for something new.

However, you lack practical thinking and might better attempt to connect to the common reference points of others to develop your communication with them.

You need to discover the beauty of playing, learning and understanding and to relate to everything that moves around in your world.

This will, in turn, enrich you with interesting and useful information that can be used to verify what you think. Before getting to the truth it is important to face reality which, of course, can only be relative.

What is right for you may not be so for others. This is a great lesson for you to you learn as you have a tendency to assume that you know everything. Exchange and interaction with others will allow you to acquire an openness of mind that is needed to relate things to each other that are seemingly insignificant.

However, allow yourself to break away temporarily from the world of absolute truths and take note of smaller things that can hide facts and allow you see the world from different angles.


You have developed an extraordinary imagination with the ability to sense things and feel that sense of unity with something higher, even if you are not able to make this understandable to others. This is because you have not got it set out clearly and sequentially in your mind, and is something that you must learn to do. Bringing order does not mean belittling or limiting, but merely utilising.

You also lack the basic parameters to clearly relate things to others. In practice, you should stick more to reality and you need to find clearer patterns of thought and ways of using common communication to communicate with others and not to isolate yourself at an intellectual level. This is the same behaviour of Zeus, who does not care what happens down in the world of common reality.

So you must learn how to transfer and to communicate simply what you understand at a higher level. The level of your imagination is highly developed but must be used to improve reality and not to escape it. A world of linear and reasoned thinking is important when refining the plan of your communication. This would, otherwise, end up not being received by others, who are too often only listening and not participating.

To feel complete at an intellectual level you must integrate logical and rational functions, which would be most useful in managing to stick to reality and to give your powerful, intuitive mind other ways of seeing and thinking.


Mental contents have no means of expression unless they are channelled into things that you do every day. Feeling part of something bigger is important and can give you more space at a mental level, but all of this will be useless if you are unable to put what you think into practice and cannot make your aspirations real and applicable now.

In achieving your goals, you must take into account what is actually possible, otherwise it will seem more like an escape than a real freedom.

Your life philosophy can be very sophisticated but needs to be compared with those of partners who can give you a critical view and are able to take into account your less glamorous side. Were you really as secure as you seem then you should not be afraid of comparing your ideas with others. This should make you reflect on some of your ways of doing things that reveal a less than perfect adherence to the common sense of reality.

Often, you have very big ideas but you must learn to distinguish what is possible from what is not, and why you need the structure of a rational mind.

Also, before you discover the solar system and the universe, it would be appropriate to have a look at what revolves around you, even if does not seem like much. In this journey you are called to relate a lot more with reality and what is around you, learning to create real relationships and not just to feed dreams. There is too much distance between you and others and between what you believe and what reality is.


The thrust against all that is distant and against alien and different philosophies of life, as well as towards people of different mentality, culture and way of life has brought you this far but now you neglect the simple but important relationships in your life. Those who grew up with and around you are of great value, and if you are unable to integrate, you are unable to discriminate or to make a real choice based on what really attracts you to particular philosophies.

Your mind is very powerful and driven, but cannot stand being challenged, and from this you should realize that you have developed a certainty of thought that, at times, turns into “absolute truth” and does not accept the fact that comparison is at the very heart of any human relationship.

You need to develop a real ability to listen, which will then allow you to open a dialogue with others, giving you options to accept different ways to organize and evaluate experiences. Only through this way can you integrate the “differences” that would otherwise remain an “ideal” but not a concrete plan.

Sometimes escape into a different world seems to be the panacea for not addressing the minor problems that exist in relation to our lives.


You need to learn to understand the rules of living together and of confrontation and then follow them or reject them if not valid for you. If this is the case you will need to develop your own personal parameters that take into account your values and beliefs and not feel obliged to follow patterns of thinking that are not your own.

You have to develop your principles without thinking they will be valid for everyone and refrain from trying to convert others to follow the things that you believe. By developing a philosophy of life reflecting your way of living, which is based on strong core values, you will not feel the need to be supported by others.

The mind is a very complex system and you must take note that even in simply living and communicating with those around us, there are some basic conventions that must be met otherwise everything would become like a madhouse and nobody would understand anyone else. Having a point of reference does not mean being imprisoned. Becoming aware that universality and individuality are related to each other will help you keep sight of both worlds.

You have a great need to nurture hope and faith in the future and what still needs doing, but this must not disconnect you from the real world and the present. Life is made up of relationships and without these there would be no comparisons.

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