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North Node in Leo- South Node in Aquarius


The natural detachment that you have developed leads to very interesting qualities such as diplomacy, the ability to mediate and to share. All this, however, can make you lose touch with your heart, which is the truest and most passionate part of you. Having passion in life is crucial because it means being able to keep alive that part of you that is shared with God, that sense of creation.

It’s important that you find that vitality and inner fire that can illuminate your journey and which promotes the need to love and embrace the world around you. You need to find what is needed to regenerate your love of life, your sense of individuality and creativity and then to express and share this with others.


Within you still is a Peter Pan, the best part of childhood as well as the capacity to renew and keep in touch with your creative energy and enthusiasm and to experience everything intensively. It is unique and special and you want to see yourself a part of things that you can imagine and create.

This Peter Pan also has a great relationship with the life force that is pushing you towards completion and which is shown through will and desire. This part of the imagination is amazing and remains unspoilt. It is linked to magical thinking, which can contribute to life, and also knows how to watch a sunset with spellbound eyes and hope for the future.

Finding your Peter Pan and allowing him to maximize his quality will allow you to experience the desire of the life-force within you, the need to play and to have fun, as well as giving you joy and restoring your spirit.


Each of us must be able to experience how to focus. This can give the strength to fall back on when in reduced and more modest situations.

There is a need within you to find a stronger, more powerful identity and a need to create and express yourself outwardly; a need to feel like falling in love and to experience those incredible feelings that give the perception of being in contact with the sky.

This is important as it can give you the ability to cope with any difficulties. A strong ego is needed to succeed in making your mark on the world and you need to give life to something important which will, one day, be recognized by the world as belonging to you.

If you cannot reward yourself for what you do and who you are, you will have no way to put these qualities in the service of something bigger. You need to feel proud of all that comes from you, whatever it may be.


One of the most incredible sources for self-knowledge comes from the experience of love. There is a strong need within you to open yourself up to those feelings, which although almost hypnotic and extremely turbulent are able to activate an unthinkable energy.

Falling in love revives a sense of fullness and allows you to overcome and address the emptiness that you feel within yourself. The strength of this experience brings with it something transforming and life-giving and lets you enter into your most pure and true self.

This has remained unspoilt from childhood until now and is the self that does not want to feel the limits of reality and mediocrity. This is the part that is untainted and uncontaminated.

The experience of love allows you to feel unique and special because then you are able to create something absolutely unique. Living with this kind of feeling has a lot to do with your journey and with the finding what is unique and special inside you and enabling you to bring this to the world.


In order to be in relationships with others and to find out what you might be able to give the world, you must first make contact with your deeper creativity. This will restore the confidence to follow your inner visions that may lead you to your spirit.

You need to do things for yourself in order to regenerate your energy and your vitality and only then are you able to spend part of your time on others and the rest of society without the risk of feeling unfulfilled and ungratified.

Living your life with enthusiasm, joy and passion enables you to stay in touch with the child within, that refuses to age as it is linked to the divine child, who is able enjoy whilst remaining serious and who also knows through experience that life is transitory and therefore must be lived intensely.

You must restore the joy of living in the present to allow you to value more highly the experience of mediation.

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