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North Node in Libra- South Node in Aries


You have a strong personality that can overpower others and not allow them the space for their expression. In order to have a sense of balance with the world outside you should be able to realize when you are exaggerating and stop others from expressing themselves. Let them speak and express what they have inside.

You also need to work on yourself in that you too can be vulnerable when it comes to getting in touch with others and developing authentic relationships. At times questions of primacy and principle overtake all else, including rationality.

One of your tasks is to be able to perceive others as having rights and opportunities as you and as persons with whom you can relate with instead of desperately shouting “who are you”.

It is very important that you are able to monitor your “ego” and see which are the things that seem to challenge you by triggering in you strong reactions and leading you to employ defensive attacks that seem more like aggression and abuse. You must work to build a stronger “ego” to be able to tolerate even the most difficult situations.


You have experienced a lot of conflicts in your life: both internally and externally. You need to be able to ask yourself why you have this very strong feeling of anger and impotence inside yourself that makes it difficult and precarious for you to communicate with the world.

You have too many fears and insecurities that hold you back and that make you suspicious and irritable; it is this way of being that unseats your strong need for affection and attention that seems to be consistently denied. While conflict seems to be the only way of communicating it will be difficult to find acceptance and trust.

The solution lies in trying to achieve more balanced relationships where you can experience a real sharing with others, without looking at them as an enemy who must be kept at bay.

What you are asked is to take into consideration the world, with all its range of diversity, and the only way to do this is to lower the spotlight on yourself. Learn to mediate, to become more diplomatic without needing to be reassured every time. Learn to manage your anger: the success of your relationships will depend on this.

Communicate, above all with your partners – it is a real art and is the one you have chosen to learn. Learning to be an equal partner in a relationship will allow you to experience a real sense of balance.


Quality of life depends to a large degree on the capacity to have good relations with others, above all, partners. You must be aware that having relationships that work and where there is a level of real exchange does not depend on luck and the people you meet, but from the awareness that comes from being able to listen to your own needs and creating a space in which to communicate them while listening also to the needs of others. Beginning to truly see the other as an intelligent interlocutor even if he is nothing like you, is the first step towards this achievement.

You need to be aware of the fact that most conflicts arise from diversity of views and opinions and this also triggers anger in you; you must learn to be tolerant. If you take this step and try to understand the people who are close to you, without changing them or denying who they are, you will take the high road.

Successfully starting relationships is a constructive and healthy strategy and for you will be the first real step towards achieving your personal goals.


You have strong energy that makes you a person of great initiative and, at times, strong impulsiveness; the need for visibility at times puts you under stress, forcing you to act before you have even decided if this was what you really wanted.

All this energy should not go to waste, it should not be used in the form of coercion, forcing others to do as you want but, rather than reacting against strong inner impulses, it’s time to act in a more adult way, in a way dictated by rational choices based on personal values and a real capacity for action, otherwise you will always have the feeling that something else is acting in your place.

Being a partner within a relationship cannot be the result of chance or even the impulse of the moment. It is a skill that you must achieve and comes from a real desire for knowledge of self and your partner, driven by real interest of sharing and cooperation, the desire to share what you are and what you have.

You need to become more fluid and less monolithic and figure out how you can get close to another, rather than dwell on the points of “division.”

If you begin to observe your behavior you can retrieve your “projections” and stop seeing external enemies, which you know are primarily internal.


In order to overcome the feeling of discomfort you feel when you are not at peace with the outside world, you need to learn to consider that winning should not be the most important thing in a relationship.

To be fair, in a relationship, personal victory leads more often than you think to relationship-loss. You must be able to be aligned with yourself, but at the same time also with others: this is not a choice between individuality and relationships; we all need both of them.

You must be able to better identify and express your needs and only in this way can you create with your partner this land of intimacy necessary for a real relationship in which both of you can understand and express yourselves.

Only a true comparison with the other will allow you to achieve that sense of harmony you have hoped to find for such a long time.

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