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North Node in Pisces- South Node in Virgo


Social roles and the ability to feel welcomed and integrated into your world and in your daily life consist of common standards, tested and accepted ways of thinking which you can afford to go beyond in your search for something more, that can better represent your sensitivity and your need to get in touch with the world.

Sometimes you feel frightened by the idea of loosening the reference points, in fact, from having developed a healthy ability to discriminate and assess reality you can get support that will sustain you in your inner desire to discover what lies behind the borders of the rational mind and consciousness.

Getting in tune and empathizing with others requires dropping barriers, defenses and schemes, especially the mental barriers; learning to be more flexible and relying only on your receptiveness. Contact with the unconscious cannot happen if you don’t rely on that part of the mind that combines, associates and “feels”.


Learning to feel is a precise destination of your journey. You have learned to check and select ideas and thoughts, to catalog and order what seemed to be chaotic and now you have to learn to let your emotions flow more so that you can recognize and perceive: you know that you do not bend to the order of your mind, but doing so will let you understand more and get closer to other personal and collective dimensions.

You definitely need to un-hook yourself a little from your sense of perfection and the idea that control is a weapon against things you don’t understand; to succeed you have to develop a strong sense of “compassion” that allows you to hear what is going on in others without fear of losing your path and your truth.

Strong contact with reality can now even take you beyond, because you know the boundary point beyond which there is a world where not everything is tangible, but no less real or intense. Try to develop your imagination and your ability to communicate what you “feel”: this may open a very important channel for yourself and others.


Humans are almost always much greater than they think they are. For some time you feel attracted to that which is not common; your interests are almost always towards unexpected areas and are maybe also very particular. The diversity that is within you is looking for recognition and, therefore, attracts experience and people who are alternative and uncommon.

The inability to stay within the limits of objective reality causes you to stray, to become kidnapped; often you ramble and dream but at the same time, this modality opens up an absolute reality made of receptiveness and perceptions far removed from ordinary reality.

The rigor and structure of mind that you have and that have developed are of great help in having different experiences and then comparing them with your parameters of reality.

This is why you sometimes feel anxiety because something does not belong in your personal world. It is as if you are a channel through which flows the vibrations and feelings of others. Awareness of your borders helps you retreat from confusion and allows you to find real contact with others.


The sense of emptiness that accompanies you and that seems difficult to fill may arise from a part of your nature that cannot and will not be content to live within a limited and tidy world that has no clear meaning or true sense.

There’s a side of you that aspires to meet the infinite, to understand the laws that govern everything around you, and this side knows you need to listen to your inner visions without restriction and without limiting the field of view or limiting your chances of understanding. This side knows that reality is a great illusion and that the mind is the great illusionist, but you also know that not everything that exists is understood by the mind. You have great qualities in you that enable you to open yourself to experiences that are not only “rational”, but also real and tangible.

The capacity to empathize and feel compassion for the feelings of others can evolve into feeling a sense of participation in your surroundings and experiencing that people are far more united than they might think: this is called feeling spiritually connected to the totality of things. You have the task of letting go and slowly getting rid of conventions and false reality, but you will then also be a lot more confident in what comes from within, which will support you at all levels.


You are on a quest that asks you to consider something much larger than what is reality and the ordinary material things of life. If you stay focused exclusively on the mind, this in turn becomes a limit because it continues to remain separate from your totality.

You know that there are different levels of knowledge and consciousness: there is a consciousness that allows you to understand objective reality, but there are several dimensions that belong to your potential psychic ability to determine dreams, fantasies, thoughts and simulations through which human beings can come to glimpse future events and scenarios.

This means that people are able to create their own world and their own future, and to participate in everything that happens in reality. It is through your empathy and the ability to perceive the fine threads that bind people together which allows you to understand the concept of interdependence that is around you.

You know that the mind and body are closely interdependent, you also know that hearts and minds cannot be regarded as two worlds divided, you know that others are in constant contact with you because you can feel their emotions, their thoughts and vibrations, from this you know that unity is a real fact and that separation is instead the great illusion of the mind.

If through a work of art you can feel what the artist felt when he created it, and if you are able to feel the loneliness, fear or suffering of a child who lives on the other side of the world, then the sense of unity and interaction is strong and it is real: this can help you develop a greater sense of solidarity in order to contribute effectively to life.

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