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North Node in Sagittarius- South Node in Gemini


The great potential of your rational mind is now confronted with another more pervasive and mystical dimension. After learning to grasp the concatenation of things and their more truly discriminating aspects, you need to expand your vision to perceive what comes from the unconscious and for this you need to learn to trust your intuition and not believe that everything is contained inside the limits of the mind and reality.

The ordinary mind is important, but if it limits your view and if it imprisons you in the small reality of the five senses, you will not be able to grasp the meaning of things and life experiences. Life is not only confined to the present, each of us must be able to fantasize and create our future: without this there can be no enthusiasm or value. You have the opportunity to finally take the plunge: you need a little more confidence in yourself and in your inner potential.


Your mind is driven by a great fire, there’s a part of you that is not satisfied and wants to know, to understand, to learn to decipher the great mysteries that humans have not yet resolved.

The question “where am I headed,” is among the most common in the panorama of humanity: well, through search and not being content with the usual answers you will be able to make a personal assessment of yourself and give yourself a personal answer that might appease your curiosity.

You are very well suited to the image of the centaur who hurls the arrow into infinite space: the arrow is not used to kill, but to reach goals, destinations: this is very important to you: achieving your aims, reaching destinations: you do not settle for what you have achieved and what you have become, it is essential for you to feel that you are on the road to finding out what you do not yet know.


Perhaps the greatest potential that people have is the gift of being able to see in their mind and therefore “create” their future. This can happen when you use the abstract mind, the one which is familiar with the great universal plan, the one that realizes there is sense in everything and anything even if it can’t be seen in the present.

In formulating hypotheses and designing your future, you can perceive the enormous potential of your mind and the possibility of widening its horizons if only you stop being afraid of getting lost outside the boundaries of all that is known and safe.

Only in the world of fantasy, dreams and abstract thought you can throw yourself into the infinite spaces of heaven, to finally get the vision for which you have searched so long. Only when the rational mind meets faith can it catch fire and be caught by the ardour of vision and creation.


Humans have always been on a pilgrimage, always seeking to understand, not able to submit to the laws of stability and of daily life, constantly seeking the stimuli that might give breath to thought.

The anxiety that often accompanies you is a very original way of stopping yourself being content and indolent: there is a part of you that needs to grow to understand, it is also the part that will give great personal growth and give you the energy needed to reach your goals and the targets you set.

You have a great need to travel, to move, to experience new and diverse things. This can afford you enrichment because it allows you to consider the idea that “diversity” is, in the end, the real source of attraction, because it brings into our lives things that even our mind had not and could not contemplate.

Whatever the field in which you venture, you always need to be a “pioneer” immersing yourself in the new and challenging, because your strength and confidence in your ability can not disappear.


The feeling of security which you seek must be found in your personal way of seeing things, in the principles which nurture you and for which you are willing to fight for. It must be found in your personal philosophy of life, which encompasses all the things you believe and desire, and in the pursuance of a goal that one day will lead you to discover your personal truth.

Only when you’re truly inspired by an inner fire which moves you from your core will you be able to easily achieve the goals you set.

You need to get away from your surroundings because your mind needs to embrace the totality of the world and the universe, it feels caged in the ordinary reality of what people consider “normal and known.”

Only through your powerful mind you can guess and imagine what and how the future will be: in this light that rises from within you, will you be able to find the courage to pursue your intentions, and along the way instil in others some of your trust and hope.

Your great journey will end when you find that part of you that is reaching for its sense of infinity.

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