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North Node in Scorpio- South Node in Taurus


The more you feel you have inside, the more secure you should feel and the less you will need to possess others, to seek value in others but, more importantly, you will have less need for someone to provide for you and have power over you.

You need to work a lot on what needs “to be fed” and understand that no one will ever fill the void inside you, more so if it is a vacuum in your value system and sense of self-esteem; from your ability to recognize your own resources and then be able to obtain the best rewards, you will be better able to express your personal power which will allow you to feel more secure in your relationships.

In this way, rather than thinking that your strength and power depend upon your partner, you will instead become more self-sufficient, knowing that you can make your own decisions based on your true potential.


It’s very important that you be able to understand that real security, present in every moment, cannot be supported externally and by other people. The lesson that you are required to learn has to do with the structuring of an internal force that allows you to tolerate the change and necessary transformations with which life will confront you.

There can be no possibility of you just clinging on; you have to find your “center” where your values are encapsulated along with your certainties and your personal skills. These will emanate from this center, which will allow you to welcome the concept of “impermanence” that touches everything that is mortal and material. There is nothing that remains forever, neither physically, psychologically, emotionally nor spiritually.

The sense of personal worth helps you to overcome the fear of detachment and the sense of mystery attached to all things, so that you – through your personal power – don’t have a feeling of “loss” whenever you have to undergo the necessary transformations that you face.

Transformation means “to work on the essence”. Well, everything changes and nothing is destroyed: you can see this lesson applied daily in nature, which wisely changes from day to day to get through the winter cycle to renew itself completely.


To be able to make best use of your inner resources, you need to put yourself to test, challenging yourself from time to time to go beyond what you believe to be your personal limit. If you don’t do this, you will periodically face crises that will themselves be a kind of challenge.

You must try to venture into a “lesser known” land in order to genuinely find your real strength, especially when you’re under pressure and without external support. In this way you can find your true power and handle difficult situations with real confidence.

Each of us has a personal power: we need to understand and know how to use it, it is always difficult to uproot ourselves, feel the shaking of our foundations and experience the fear of losing what we have built up; these are the experiences that put us in a corner, your resources and your true power may appear when you have no worries about losing … then and only then, will you find out who you really are and how much strength you have.


When we have too much to carry around, the road becomes unsafe and dangerous because it is as if we were burdened. Nomadic civilizations perfectly understood that to be agile and able to take full advantage of what nature had placed at their disposal, they should travel light, without taking anything that was not strictly necessary. So, if during life we have worked on our essence we will not fear to face the inevitable end, but if we rely on images or external resources, we will have the fear of time passing.

To have charisma and personal power you’ll need to get in touch with your deepest core, the most creative and intense part of you which knows the real reasons for your every breath and action and knows what is really important for you.

The moment you understand what “moves you from the inside”, you will definitely align the desires of the “self” with your project, and at that moment, you will have the perception of how much force is within you and know how to set it in motion to get what you want.


Life asks you to clearly distinguish between what you are and what you have, never confuse the two. What you have there may or may not be, what you are inside is built on your values, things that count and on the feelings and emotions that you feel you can share with others. No one can take away what you are, while you may – at any time – lose what you have.

The main fear for people is the fear of losing everything they have painstakingly built, but this is illusory because the greatest fear that we should have is the betrayal of our own values. Also the distress and the staunch defense of what we have created gives a sense of impotence, because the fear of having to let go of something is the major limitation to really deciding what would be better and more just for oneself.

It is so important to give due consideration to the concept of “Being” that has to come before “Having”. Don’t forget that the former is older and includes much of the second, and the second is not possible without the first. In this way you can be really rich because there is no need to cancel or waive your personal wishes because of fear or insecurity.

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