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North Node in Taurus- South Node in Scorpio


Each of us needs to rely on some basic security, although for you the word “security” does not always sound like something obvious but something that you need to achieve and experience. You feel that there is a void and that you need to build a world that is safe for you and those close to you but without creating a prison that entraps you and prevents change. To be truly independent and have security that starts from your innermost self, you must dig deep within, to identify and understand your values, regardless of their origin. This will help you to understand what you really want and the decisions that you have to make.

Understanding what is really important to you, above and beyond the desires of those around you, will lead to an increased sense of fulfilment as well as providing the basics to build a sense of stability and belonging to your world, without relying on or clinging to it.

You struggle to feel part of the traditions or to be related to what is around you, yet you are part of a culture and a family. You cannot fail to recognize the importance of all this even if you make your own choices and are not influenced by those outside of your personal values.

Your inner strength will have a more stable structure if you depend on something that is visible and tangible. Stability will help you in the difficult journey to understand the value of things and people and to work on a more solid sense of identity. To be able to say “I built this” is a source of security for you”.


You know that you have personal power, which helps and supports you at all times. You must, however, learn to take more note of others and their feelings and what they have that is not yours and of which you cannot take, whether tangible or emotional. The fears that you have deep down often push you to control or manipulate and these are the real enemy and they cause you to destroy instead of creating.

A correct sense of ownership should include those feelings that you have inside which make you feel that you have substance and security and it is because of these qualities that you cannot always be on the defensive against the world. Continue like this and you will never feel safe and will always need to hold tightly on to what you have for fear of losing it or seeing it fade away.

Identifying your potential and resources means understanding how you can refine, master and make full use of them in order to gain the security that you are looking for. When you find your inner strength and make it work, you will be able to do anything with your strength and not be afraid to put into action what you want and desire.


The mentality that you have developed can often lead you to distrust others. You need to regain confidence in yourself and discover that not everything is twisted and complicated, but more often than not, things are simpler and straight. Look on the bright side and not always at the negative. It is your inner fear that tears you up inside.

You must face life head on with simple reasoning and then you will learn to enter into relations with others without fear of betrayal. A more relaxed and open approach will bring you peace of mind and allow you to escape the pain of constant anxiety.

You must slowly adopt a more pragmatic and realistic attitude, understand what nature provides you with and learn to trust your senses. If you can surround yourself with the things that make your life pleasant and avoid being troubled by a fear of rejection, you will find peace of mind and the ability to free yourself from a complicated and somewhat distorted world.

If you can capture the pure beauty of simplicity, you will begin to realize that the world around you can become a source of greater confidence and you will be repaid with an appreciation of the true meaning of things.


Maybe you have come from a situation of suffering and the painful memories have caused you to be emotionally detached from life. Maybe this is in order to avoid facing the pain that comes from having to change and to let things go. Everything you have lived for and built inside belongs to you and nobody can take away this true sense of substance.

There is, however, an imbalance that has led to your being over-defensive and risking more than you should; you spend too much emotional energy on issues that have more to do with power and the fear of losing rather than with emotions.

The issue of compromise, of give and take, has not yet been fully revisited but now you are obliged to seek just the right balance; now you know that nothing in life stays the same forever because everything is constantly changing; now it is time for you to live with totality in the present without deliberating on what has been, what should be, and what never was.

Learn to give naturally without twisting things or keeping count or worrying that if you concede too much you will end up losing. These are two of the great lessons of life that you need to learn. You cannot refrain from building things just through being afraid that they will change.

Everything changes and everything is cyclical. Everything that seems to go away allows the construction and growth of something different and new. Look at nature with its continuous and unstoppable transformation and you will understand that this is the way of the world. Nurture your desire to build new things and they, in return will bring new security to your world.


The great efforts made with your resources and values will lead you to discover that you have much more than what you have ever believed, and that what you have inside cannot be taken away.

The great psychologist C.G. Jung said that what we have and what is really ours is what is left after we have lost everything outside. This demonstrates that you can still have strength and security, allowing you then to face the world with confidence and be certain that in any given situation you will be yourself and rise to the occasion.

This will increase your sense of identity and will be strengthened by the certainty that you are not “poor and needy,” but in reality you have a great wealth that simply wants to express itself. This experience will lead you to share yourself and your possessions with others without fear of losing your personal power.

A real sense of mastery over who you really are will help you manage what you have and to retain the feeling of “being and having.” Remember that only “rich” people can really give, and if you are rich you have no fear of others taking anything away.

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