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North Node in Virgo- South Node in Pisces


Your natural way of doing things is perceptual; your decisions are often the fruit of your feelings. Sometimes there’s something chaotic about your way of taking things forward and I believe that to succeed in achieving something important in life, you should first find a method.

You must learn to follow rules that give you an inner discipline. Being a person with a good artistic sense or a mystical vision of life does not necessarily mean that life should be “chaotic” and indeed, artists (more than others) are those who need first to learn a precise technique to do things: once they have one they can follow their insights and seek to shape them according to their needs.


We cannot forget that if it is true that life seems to be the result of chaos, in reality, the structures that make up life are very “organized” and specialized. Now, it’s definitely important that you keep an important relationship with your intuitive and perceptive side – from this your inspiration can arise – however, being able then to organize your visions into an organic whole that can be meaningfully passed on, is a part of your journey.

If what you feel and propose does not have an outlet in reality and in practice, everything will remain without a definite meaning and you’ll end up feeling out of harmony with your inner self.

It is always good to have lofty ideals, but it’s also smart to realize if they can then be applied or not.

The great ability to “feel and to synthesize” ends up being of little use if it is not also connected with analysis, discrimination and selection. You are not asked to do without the former, but rather to use all these abilities every day, in everything you do.


Life confronts us daily with our limitations. This is part of your path: you need to realize that reality exists, which is made of very specific things, you have a responsibility to yourself and to what’s around you; an ordered quotidian life, even if it seems boring and repetitive, allows you to get you back in line with a certain rhythm that the whole universe follows and which you too have to consider.

You need to realize the limits of your body, your energy: through these little everyday things you can realign with the sense of universal participation that allows you to feel like a cell within a much larger system that needs you and what you are able to do.


Life is made up mostly of things we want to do, but there is also a small section dedicated to what we do because we do not live in a vacuum. Living with other people in a community has requirements: in your personal journey you have to face up to the little things you are required to do every day because you need to give your share of energy to the system in which you participate; maintaining healthy rhythms helps you to have a greater perception of your body.

Work, put your skills to the service of people who need them and get in return what you need to live, this is a way to serve a common project, of which you are a part.

Surely it is not easy for you to find something divine in the simplest tasks, and yet, often, finding it allows you to better deal with the material world and this allows you to grow.


Your way of thinking has something universal: you find it difficult to enter the world of reality, you think that everything in this world is limited and limiting, but it is important that you be able to see the two as complementary and not opposed.

Myth, art and spirituality are part of this universe and are great ways to express our experience of life, but it is equally important never to lose touch with the reality you live in, because this is an experience surely no less valuable than any other.

Being able to do everything necessary for our material life makes us feel capable of living by integrating at different levels: the mental, emotional and material.

Rules, reason, logic are all words that make you a bit terrified, but you have to grasp the noble side of all this, understand that living with other people different from you must necessarily include a concept of order that allows you to grasp the possible relationships between things, elements and people belonging to the same system.

Combine the two sides of your mind: one able to synthesize and the other able to analyze, then you will feel able to take advantage of the great experiences of the soul but manage at the same time, to express them in an understandable and practical way to everyone.

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