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Which Zodiac Signs Wouldn’t Mind Being in an Open Relationship?

Some like it, some loathe it. There’s no doubt that open marriage — where both sides are free to wander at will — does exist and can work. Allowing your lover to roam is not everyone’s cup of tea, however. Certain astrological signs would meltdown and seethe with resentment if open marriage was even suggested to them. It takes a degree of detachment, the ability to separate life into different categories, and a view of marriage as more of a social necessity than a soul match. What about you — take it or leave it?

Which zodiac signs are more suited to monogamy?

The home-loving signs of Cancer and Taurus couldn’t cope since they like their brood — including their partner — to be where they can see them.

Scorpio likes it one-to-one and tends to be firmly monogamous. They’re either in or they’re out, so a multi-relationship marriage would make their heads rattle.

Libra has the detachment and Leo adores being adored by new admirers, but neither really likes secrets.

Virgo can have the same feeling, but sometimes — especially the male of the species — are more than happy to “chop and change” since their boredom threshold is low.

Which zodiac signs are more likely to be polyamorous?

Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces are probably best suited to the notion of open for very different reasons.

Capricorn does like to compartmentalize their lives with a marriage for public image and some indulgent fun somewhere else.

Aquarius are friendly and rather laid back, and appreciate a long rein in a marriage since they hate being possessed or tied down.

Pisces just yearns for the whole seduction routine, over and over again. They love being madly in love, and sadly, that tends to fade in a long-term marriage. So a little dalliance is just what they need.

Gemini ladies might not take kindly to the idea, but a Gemini husband definitely would since they are renowned as having wandering feet.

The same is true of Aries, as Mr. Ram definitely loves variety and adventure, while appreciating a settled home to come back to when the passion wears out.

Sagittarius delights in the prospect of a rolling series of fun flings while being as happy as the next for a few family comforts.

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