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The Opposition Compared with the Square

The opposition is like the square in that its effects are stressful and often problematic, however, unlike the square, the opposition produces head-on, confrontational energy.

One cannot ignore one planet as one can in the square–the individual is more than likely to acknowledge both planets involved–however, one planet is often believed to be ‘other,’ to be ‘not me,’ to be disavowed in one’s experience. This is to say that this energy produces a polarized dichotomy in which the individual only identifies with one planetary energy.

Unlike the square aspect, the opposition is able to be more cold and calculated with its unbalanced desires. It does not “burn” like the square, but the charges are very strong nonetheless. Subsequent to this, the opposition can have more extreme, wicked manifestations if social circumstances are ripe.

The Opposition has a high tendency toward psychological projection in which one planet’s energy is unconsciously displaced into the exterior environment. Through time, and particularly through active engagement in relationship, the individual is apt to realize that the energy that was believed to be only in the exterior environment–that is, projected–is in reality in the individual’s psyche as well.

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