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Pisces Archetype

Core Insights for Pisces

Mode: Spiral (Seeking, Evolving, Reflecting, Demonstrating, Distributing)

Element: Water (Imagination, Impressions, Emotion, Soul, Sensitivity)

Archetypal Images: Mystic, Poet, Dreamer, Visionary Artist, Musician, Oracle, Psychic

Planetary Governor: Jupiter and Neptune

House Association: 12th House of Spirit Vision & Imagination

Body Wisdom: Feet, Lymph Glands, Eyes, Spiritual Field.

Spiritual Principle: Unity “The Eternal One Reflected Through the Many”

Harmonious: Imaginative, Dreamy, Visionary, Compassionate, Empathic, Enchanting, Artistic, Meditative, Gentle, Oceanic, Mystical, Romantic, Sacrificial, Subtle, Poetic.

Shadow: Spacey, Delusional, Escapist, Vulnerable, Sacrificial, Deceptive, Cloudy, Depressed, Abused, Foggy, Illusory, Vague, Passive, Confused, Evasive, Indiscriminate.

Pisces is the archetype of spirituality, fantasy, dreams, and the life of the mythic imagination. Through a deep attunement to the realm of feelings, dreams, and images, Pisces brings sympathy, compassion, and mysticism into the world.

Planets found in Pisces will naturally empathize with any condition of suffering and be able to find helpful solutions in the unconscious domain of psychic imagery. Pisces is extremely imaginative and impressionable, penetrating the invisible realms of the soul and distributing emotion in the world.

This archetype urges us to be open to the flow of the creative imagination and the transcendent visionary universe flickering into being every moment. Piscean people are masters of meditation, contemplation, and withdrawing into the inner realms. Planets in this sign will be washed in the sacred waters of spirituality. Sometimes that spiritual path translates to charitable sacrifice. Other times it is expressed through enchanting music and artistic expression. In any case Pisces has dibs on all things illusive and poetic.

Pisces, Jupiter and Neptune symbolize the spiritual journey of life and the ability to listen at the shores of the eternal silence. Pisces governs mystics, poets, dreamers, musicians, and visionaries. Romantic Pisces inspires you to seek the soul, penetrate psychic impressions, and to distribute the vivid contents of the imagination in the field of life experience that it shines into in your chart.

The house with Pisces on the cusp is where you need to dream, seek spiritual unity, and express compassion. The same goes for the houses that contain Jupiter and Neptune, the classical and modern governors of Pisces. It is in those realms of life experience that you can demonstrate to others the way of living truth centered in divine love.

Pisces governs the feet, lymph glands, the eyes, and the spiritual field surrounding your body like an envelope of pure consciousness. It is this “astral” body that you travel in while you dream. It has a mystical silver cord that connects it to your physical body as long as you are alive. When you gaze into someone’s eyes, you can see into their soul, as Pisces governs the eyes.

There was a reason that Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. At that point in history we were transitioning into the Age of Pisces, a two thousand year period. Currently we are in the interface period between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius. Pisces governs the feet and it is a water sign (hence the baptism by water rite), so his act was purely symbolic. The early Christians used the symbol for Pisces as their defining mark.

Every age carries the strong charge of its opposite sign. Pisces brings in Virgo; the primary lesson of this age involves universal love through service to others, hence the tone of the world’s religions over the last two thousand years.

When your Pisces energy is misdirected the transcendence turns into escapism through substance abuse and the evasion of responsibilities. The mystic becomes the martyr, the visionary artist goes insane, a religion becomes a corrupt institution, and romance turns into illusions. Lost in delusions of grandeur, the shadow of Pisces emerges making you spacey, vulnerable, depressed, confused, and evasive. Learn to overcome the shadow through expressing the opposite sign Virgo, gaining logical intelligence, humility, and the ability to differentiate and discriminate.

There was a reason Jesus fed the masses with loaves and fishes, Pisces and Virgo. This polarity invites us to learn integration where we are empowered to bring visions and dreams into manifestation. It all started in the year 575 BC when we were transitioning between the Age of Aries (individuality and conquest) and the Age of Pisces (spiritual unity and illusions). At that time we were seeing all these great mystical teachers all over the planet demonstrating compassion. Lao Tzu and Confucius in China. Sidhartha the Buddha in India. The philosophers of Greece. The astronomers of the Olmecs and Mayas. It all lead up to Jesus in Judea and eventually Mohammad in Arabia.

All these spiritual teachings and paths were being set up so that we could learn about spiritual unity. We still have to learn integration if we are to ever have world peace! The key word Sacrificial appears on both the light and dark sides of Pisces. Pisceans are like Piglet on Winnie the Pooh. They will sacrifice everything to help others. They are very sympathetic and empathic. If they come across someone suffering in a pit of despair, their natural inclination is to try and help the person out. The problem is that they get so caught up in the salvation drama that they usually fall right in too. Or if they are the one wallowing in the pit, they might try and pull others in. The word sacrifice literally means to “make sacred.”

That is the essence of true religion aimed at unity with the divine. Religion comes form the Latin “re-ligio” which means simply to re-link. Jesus, when being confronted by the religious elite of his time, said, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.” In other words institutions were designed to nurture people, not the other way around. However, one look at the world shows that we have created these monstrous institutions (religions, governments, medical establishments, universities, etc.) where human beings have become fuel for their agendas. It was the scientific and religious establishments of the Age of Renaissance that eventually banned astrology.

The Spiritual principle of Pisces is Unity, the consciousness that knows the Eternal One is reflected through the many, yet remains one source of life. The spiritual traditions of the Piscean Age stress this unity of God. Pisceans know intuitively that if you want to be one with the creator, you have to be creative. Even modern science is turning “religious” in the quest for the unified field theory.

The glyph for Pisces symbolizes the unification of heaven and earth, of Yin and Yang, the oneness of the universe even as it expresses itself through the ten thousand things.

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