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Pisces August 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our August 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Pisces Zodiac Sign!

Pisces August Horoscope 2016- Overview

Someone once said, “Advice is useless that’s why it’s free!” However, in August 2016 advice from someone can really be very useful. If you are having any problems making a decision, then a second unbiased or even professional opinion can be very helpful. This is a month when you may feel bombarded with conflicting information, and you may not be able to decide what or who to believe; that is a why an impartial third person could clarify issues for you.

August 2016 is also a good month to clear up matters in your own mind – if there is something you should have done before or need to do in order to get something off your mind or off your conscience, you should take steps now to put that matter to bed. This is a month to make sure bygones are bygones, and make peace with others and also with yourself.

Sometimes our thoughts are our worst enemy, and we can let negative thoughts run out of control to the point where we are just not being rational, and often things are never as bad as we imagined. In August 2016, face up to those things you have been avoiding, they will be nowhere near as bad as you had imagined, and you will feel as if there is a load off your mind when you have addressed these issues.

Often it can be harder to quieten our own nagging voices of criticism than to deal with other people’s; in August 2016, you will find other people very helpful and supportive to you emotionally and in terms of your goals – you must, however, deal with your own doubts by replacing them with pro-active, encouraging thoughts.

August 2016 Pisces Love Horoscope

You should not mix love and the office in August 2016. Whether you are single or in a relationship, keep flirting in work situations to a minimum as it can become complicated and uncomfortable. There is a desire to be impulsive in love, but you should think twice as your judgment is a little cloudy in August 2016, and situations can turn out very differently than expected.

Love relationships that are well-established and stable will do very well in August 2016; with things going smoothly, but with just a little extra zing to make the days sparkle. This is a time when consistency pays off and provides that security and reassurance you need. If your partner is erratic and moody right now, that can rub off on you, making you feel very uneasy. Try to create as much stability and predictability in love as you can in August 2016 as that will help you both to feel at ease. If your partner is upset, you should support him/her without allowing yourself to become emotionally involved – be loving but give the advice he/she needs to hear rather than telling him/her what he/she wants to hear. It may be time for some tough love, do not indulge your partner’s self-pity.

In general, you are optimistic about relationships right now and are taking a positive and forwardlooking approach, excited about what the rest of the year may hold. Your strong and positive attitude together with a practical approach will help keep all relationships on an even keel.

Pisces Career Horoscope August 2016

If you work in the arts and creative fields, August 2016 can be a month when criticism and having to make changes and adjustments are hard to swallow. You may have to bite your tongue and commit yourself to editing, cutting and redoing work. You will, in the process, find things that can be improved, and you will end up with an even better result.

In business, August 2016 marks a month when going into partnership or a joint venture can be an excellent idea to expand your business or your career prospects. Pisces enjoy working with people, especially people who have a strong feel for the financial and management side. Pisces are often less focused and can be scatty, and so a partnership can allow Pisces the freedom to express their creative and inspirational side without becoming bogged down with managerial details. It is likely that you will go into partnership with someone who is older or more established, and who already has access to channels or networks which can help the business get off the ground.

Financially, August 2016 can be an onerous month with bills to pay or insurance premiums to renegotiate, so do not undertake any big expenditure. Watch out for changes in the terms and conditions of loans or your repayment schedules.

Pisces should make sure their tax paperwork is being kept up-to-date, and all your info is backed up as problems that arise now can make filing your return more complicated.

A very interesting and also informative month for Pisces who are psychologists, counselors or even psychic and those who use esoteric/new age means to help people – you can make progress in increasing your understanding and developing your own practical techniques and systems to help others. You may develop a new psychometric test, therapeutic technique or learning program.

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