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Pisces Cartoon Character

Winnie-the-PoohWinnie-the-Pooh is the ultimate example of the classic Pisces personality. Like Pisces, his loving and forgiving nature is beyond compare, and he is very shy — with an inherent tendency to trust anyone and everyone that comes his way.

Like the Pisces person, he thinks about a lot of different things, and sometimes he thinks about so many things that he gets them confused in his head. When this happens, Pooh visits with his friends and tries very hard to understand what it was that he was thinking and why he was thinking it.

Pisces people are much the same. They are dreamers that frequently get lost within the depths of their own heads. They try to understand why their friends are unhappy, and they readily sympathize with them.

They may even attempt to fix whatever they feel has been broken — even if nothing really needs fixing! This sort of behavior gives the average Piscean the reputation for having lost touch with reality due to the in-depth nature of their thought processes.

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