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Pisces Dog Personality

The least little thing will set the Dog Pisces‘ alarm bells ringing, but that’s because your immediate environment is meticulously organized (as befits a true Pisces) and you can unerringly tell when the order has been disturbed.

Dog PiscesYou pride yourself upon your Doglike devotion to your family, and point to the secure existence that you have brought into being, unaware that many within in might prefer to characterize it as a carpeted coffin, and be dying to escape its confines.

The quality of love cannot be constrained, so you’ll simply have to let go for a while. Don’t worry, they’ll be back. If you’ll calm down a notch or two, you’ll find that the necessities of life come easy, and maybe then you’ll be able to sip from the glass of satisfaction at a job well done.

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