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Pisces Dragon Personality

Watch out for reality — it has a tendency to bite you back, and hard, when you enter into it with exalted expectations. The Dragon Pisces has a head that is in the clouds twenty-four seven, and you prefer it that way, if only you could figure out how to pay the bills in the meantime.

Romance is everything for the Fish in you, but once the petals of emotion’s blossom hit the ground, it’s all over, since you have no use for a good, healthy, mutually supportive blah blah blah.

You want love, not lust and not domesticity. If this makes you appear fickle to others, then so be it, for why shouldn’t the Dragon in you have what it most desires?

You have an uncanny knack for remaining friends with your ex-lovers, and indeed can amass quite a collection during the course of your lifetime. Try not to abuse the privilege, however, or the Fishes could find themselves in very hot water!

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